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AOVO M365 Pro Electric Scooter

Having a comfortable, advance, reliable and affordable electric scooter is a blessing. Now passionate riders can enjoy riding the specially designed AOVO M365 Pro electric scooter, available with an extended speed range in aovostore. It is famous around-the-globe within a short period after its launch because of its latest technology and customer satisfactory outcome.

AOVO Pro is manufactured to fulfill the needs of serious riders. The majority of the people in metropolitan cities prefer to use these advanced high-tech electronic scooters. In big cities with too much traffic, these scooters are lifesavers as they enable users to reach their destination safely and on time.

Aovo is also offering a discount on the use of the code ‘Rick10 to bring awareness about the environmental damage done by fossil fuels and encourage the use of electric transport. 

Why Choose Aovo M365 Pro Electronic Scooter?

AOVO is known for its quality electronic scooter manufacturing. The company strives to design and develop its products by continuing to upgrade technology. The M365 Pro model manufactured by Aovo is becoming famous day by day and has become the best folding e-scooter of 2022.

There are multiple reasons to select AOVO M365 Pro over other scooters, as this latest launched scooter has everything a scooter rider wishes for. It has a decent range, durability, tech, and speed. It has the most powerful battery engine and is the strongest E-scooter up-to-date in the UK.

Did you know that you could get a discount when you use ‘Rick20’ code during the checkout process? 

Long-Lasting Battery

It has a large capacity battery that helps to cover long distances without worrying about battery lifespan. The latest e-scooter pro model has a current speed gauge with three-drive modes. It comes with a battery charger

The remaining battery feature helps the user know when charging the battery is essential. The battery provides energy to switch on the lights that help ride in the dark during the night. This e-scooter automatically switches off user does need-not worry about battery drainage.  

High-Speed Range 

With Aovo Pro M365, you will be wheezing through the air at a speed of over 20 mph. The overall design and shape of the electronic scooter support it to travel at a high speed safely. Riding at the highest speed is possible because of its powerful 350 Watt motor with three drive modes. The battery survives for a long duration with a max range on one charge of over 20 miles.

Durability And Safety

As the latest model of M365 Pro is lightweight and durable, it ensures rider safety. The design and light-weighted manufacturing material also enable the user to experience super high speed. The material of the body of the e-scooter is water-proof entirely. Its tires are puncture-free consumers can ride the e-scooter during rain, through mud, and rough roads without a worry.  

Compact Design And Portability

It is easy to hold or lift and move around. Its compact size and overall shape make it easy to place it in small areas. It weighs only 12 kilograms, and it is foldable, making it easier for a user to carry it around and keep it off the road.

 Unique Features


The Aovo model M365 Pro e-scooter is one of its kind as it is a combination of both the latest technology and advanced features. This e-scooter has similar and improved accessories to those present in other electronic scooters.

The Aovo Pro M365 model has some additional features that include the hook for hanging shopping bags and a mobile holder so that users can use mobile phones conveniently while they are on the scooter.

It has electronic disc brakes, an LCD, and headlights. Battery life, trigger distance, and speed are visible on the display screen for user-friendliness. M365 Pro comes with an after-sales care option, 24 months warranty, and tested before dispatch.


The M365 has all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a premium e-scooter. The uniqueness paired with the user-friendliness makes an excellent package that is hard to overlook. You can use the code Rick30 on the checkout page to further sweeten the deal and start riding the futuristic scooter.

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