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Apex Rides: A business that is thriving in spite of the pandemic

Apex Rides: A business that is thriving in spite of the pandemic

When the pandemic hit hard in 2020, bike exercising was a big part of many fitness fanatics. The pandemic came with severe lockdown restrictions, which then barred anyone from going out to the gym to use the usual Peloton bikes or simply buying them or even taking bicycle rides outside. Simon Cook And Charlie Lucas saw an opportunity and seized it. Their business idea drove the manufacturing of the Apex Rides which are a cheaper, lighter, and smaller British version of the Peloton exercise bike. And successfully, the duo sold 2500 of their bikes in their first year.

Healthwise, the lockdown was a recipe for disaster. People were locked away, barely doing any exercise and eating whatever was available. Those who tried to do something at least took health supplements from drug stores like Chemist Warehouse to support joint mobility and flexibility. If anything, Apex Rides pushed into the perfect market and at the right time to help maintain healthy habits.

Apex Rides is not a simple exercise machine. It comes with many smart features that include Bluetooth and WiFi, allowing you to cast to your Apple or Android device or TV.  It also comes with an application that enables you to track your progress and attend online health exercise classes. You can even add multiple profiles for family use and live stream best surrender music, which will encourage everyone in your family to exercise.

You might be wondering how the Apex Rides business is thriving and has made £3 million. Here’s how Simon Cook tells it all.

Apex Rides: A business that is thriving in spite of the pandemic

Know your market

Cook points out that as an entrepreneur, you need to work out who your customer is: What is their occupation? How old are they? Where do they live? With this knowledge, you will know your target and what they expect from you. It will make marketing much more effortless.

Be quick to act

Listening to what your customers need creates demand for your product.  A happy customer is satisfied by the service you are providing, and to provide that service; you need to take heed of any feedback and quickly sharpen up to suit the particular need.  For example, Simon Cook and his partners asked their user base what new features they would like to be added to their mobile application. An adoptive app was developed and upgraded to suit what their users asked for from the feedback.

Do your due diligence.

When engaging in business, the first thing you need to do is investigate and audit or review your potential investors and suppliers. For example, Simon Cook highlights how they engaged a reputable software company to drive their mobile application development. Unfortunately for Cook and the team, this software company “went bust!” Lesson from this: they could have lost an amount of six figures, but Apex requested information for them to do thorough due diligence before engaging.


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