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Are Assignment Writing Services Legit?

For anyone attempting to use a writing service for the first time, its legality and legitimacy are a major cause of concern. But it shouldn’t be, as assignment writing services are completely legal. Students from all over the world use writing services to meet their deadlines and submit quality work. 

 There are plenty of reasons as to why a student would want to use a writing service, but the most predominant one is that they just don’t have enough time to juggle multiple assignments while also studying for each subject. 

 High academic expectations

 Colleges and universities have grown more competitive in terms of entrance exams and curriculum. To meet high academic standards, educational institutions push their students to write several academic papers and research essays. This has led to the growth of the custom-writing industry. Students can now easily get dissertation help through a writing service that will assign them a professional writer. All they need to do is provide a brief about the assignment topic and mention any personal requirements. 

 It must be kept in mind that writing services are not a source of encouragement for procrastination but managing tasks and prioritization. Thus, it is completely legitimate for students to use writing services for their assignments. 

 A disconnect between teaching and expectation

 One of the biggest problems that students face is the disconnect between what they are taught and what they are expected to produce. While top-ranked colleges include writing as a subject in their curriculum, most colleges ignore it altogether. Students are expected to write research essays with little to no knowledge provided in their classes. Students are expected to write essays based on thorough research with a strict check on plagiarism and structure. 

 This becomes a cause of concern for many students, as they struggle to produce essays that are up to the mark and lose valuable marks due to it. Assignment writing services can help in such situations, as students not only get a reliable source that produces plagiarism-free, well-written articles but can also learn from them to write better themselves. 

 Ownership of the final product

 Since writing services allow one to buy written assignments, students using them have full ownership of what they purchase. For example, a student in the UK can take help from the best assignment writers UK has to offer and will fully own the final draft. Every writing service clearly marks this in its terms and conditions. 

 But there’s a fine line between having personal ownership and ownership to distribute. Students owning an essay written by a writing service are not allowed to distribute it. It is only meant for their own use. As long as the essay is only used by the student who bought it from a writing service, it is completely legitimate. 

 Use reviews and recommendations

 While all writing services seem legit, not all produce plagiarism-free, well-written essays. It is important that you check read reviews, and check recommendations of various writing services before you use one. You can also take a trial project and see if the quality is up to the mark. If you are happy with it, go ahead and use the service. You should also check to see if the service provides a plagiarism report. 

 While it won’t be illegal to purchase the essay from a service that doesn’t provide a plagiarism report, you may get into trouble if you submit an assignment that breaches the level of plagiarism allowed. So make sure you thoroughly check before you decide on using a writing service. 

 Connect with the writer

 Often students may rush to find a writing service and use one that doesn’t connect them with a writer. Due to a lack of communication, they end up with an essay that doesn’t carry the tone they wanted or is just outright bad. 

 You must try finding a service that will connect you to the writer assigned for your task. That way, you can talk to them and tell them exactly what you want. Communicate clearly with the writer and inform them about the tone you wish to see in the essay, any personal additions you may want to make and how the essay can be made to sound like it’s been written by you. You can also keep a tight check on the entire process and ensure that you get a great essay at the end of the whole process. 


 To sum up, yes, it’s completely legal for you to use a writing service. It is important that you find the right service and get a plagiarism report at the end of it so that you know you have spent your resources well for evaluation. 


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