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BBC host rumor: Host accused of paying teen girl for explicit photos suspended

BBC host accused of ‘paying $10,000 for explicit photos’

The BBC has suspended a host accused of paying teenagers thousands of dollars for sexually explicit photos.

The station said the first charges against the unnamed TV host were filed in May, but “on Thursday there was a new allegation of a different nature.”

“In addition to our own investigation, we are in contact with external authorities in accordance with our company’s policies. We have also confirmed that a male staff member has been suspended,” the company said in a statement.

This comes after high-profile BBC stars spoke out after allegations were raised against the host on Friday’s The Sun.

nameless BBC The star appeared in underwear on a video call and was alleged to have paid more than £35,000 for sexual images.

Then, amid intense speculation about the identity of the person on social media, several celebrities publicly stated that they were not the central figure in the suspicion.

Writing on Twitter, TV host Rylan Clark “I don’t know why my name keeps popping up, but the story is Sun– It’s not me, baby. I’m currently filming a BBC show in Italy, so please don’t say my name. ”


Police received ‘initial contact’ from BBC

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, there was an initial contact from the BBC, but no formal introduction or accusation was made.

“We request additional information before deciding what further steps to take,” they said in a statement.

Matt DrakeJuly 9, 2023 18:32


Who spoke out about the BBC host scandal?

The BBC host scandal has sparked unsubstantiated online speculation as to who might be involved, forcing some stars to publicly distance themselves from the allegations.

Below, we’ll take a look at who responded to distance themselves from the allegations, and how the allegations unfolded.

Rylan Clarke was one of the first to clear his name after the scandal broke.

Clark said he is in the process of filming new content with the broadcaster.

Radio 2 host Jeremy Vine immediately took to Twitter to distance himself from the scandal.

“I can only say that I am very much looking forward to hosting a radio show on Monday,” he wrote.

“Whoever the ‘BBC presenter’ of the news is, I’ll give you the same message that Rylan said earlier. It’s definitely not me.”

BBC Match of the Day host Gary Lineker issued a candid statement on Twitter saying he had nothing to do with the scandal.

Radio star Nicky Campbell was forced to speak out on Twitter after being falsely accused of being involved in the scandal.

“I think it’s important to take a stand,” he wrote.

“There are too many people like this on social media. Thank you friends for your support.”

Matt DrakeJuly 9, 2023 18:03


BBC presenter: ‘If convicted, could face jail time’

A leading indecency lawyer has claimed the accused BBC presenter could face up to 26 weeks in prison if convicted.

Miles Jackman said his sentence could be significantly heavier if he is found to have shared images. Guardian report.

“Children under the age of 18 who photograph themselves are producing, possessing and distributing child pornography,” Jackman said.

“Anyone who asks for a photo of someone under the age of 18 has committed a number of serious crimes.”

Matt DrakeJuly 9, 2023 17:45


BBC asks former detective to investigate allegations

The BBC has reportedly hired a former detective who specializes in whistleblowing, sexual assault and fraud.

Jeff Brown has led the BBC’s corporate research team for over six years.

The family of the alleged victim is said to have met Mr Brown on Friday. telegraph paper report.

He worked for the Metropolitan Police Department for about 13 years.

After leaving the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Mr. Brown spent almost five years in Canada investigating human trafficking cases for the Halton Regional Police in Ontario.

Matt DrakeJuly 9, 2023 17:12


BBC ‘contact police’ after allegations

The company has contacted police after claiming one of its presenters paid £35,000 for sexually explicit photos. BBC report.

The BBC said it was working as soon as possible to “establish the facts in order to properly communicate the appropriate next steps”, following allegations that the host had paid the teenage boy for the photo.

“The BBC first became aware of the complaints in May.

“On Thursday, a new allegation of a different nature came to us, and in addition to our own investigation, we have also contacted external authorities according to our procedures.”

Matt DrakeJuly 9, 2023 17:02


Top BBC host: ‘I was in my underwear on a video call with a teen’

The BBC host’s suspension was claimed by the alleged victim’s mother after the unnamed star was accused of removing her underwear during a video call.

The TV star allegedly paid over £35,000 for sexual images and used the money to fund his cocaine addiction and ‘destroyed’ his life.

The mother described how her child, who was said to have been 17 when payments began, went from “a happy young man” to “a ghostly crack addict” in three years.

Neither the presenter nor the boy have been identified. It was confirmed today that the BBC’s male host has been removed from the broadcast following the allegations.

The mother reportedly filed a complaint with the BBC in May and begged the host to “stop sending cash” because she didn’t want to be paid for the article. Sun.

Matt DrakeJuly 9, 2023 16:32


“I fully condemn the unsubstantiated rumors.”

Davey added, “By law, individuals have a right to a reasonable expectation of privacy, which further complicates this situation. I would also like to make it clear that I fully condemn the unsubstantiated rumors being circulated.

“We are in contact with the families mentioned in the media reports. I want to assure you that we are working on

Katie CliftonJuly 9, 2023 15:46


Tim Davey slams unsubstantiated internet rumors

BBC Director Tim Davey said he “fully condemns the unsubstantiated rumors being circulated on the Internet about some of our talents”.

In a memo to staff, Davey said the company “takes all these allegations extremely seriously.”

The memo added: “The BBC became aware of the complaint in May. A BBC investigative team has been investigating the matter since it was raised and is actively following up.

“On Thursday, we received a new allegation of a different nature and, in addition to our own investigation, we have also contacted external authorities according to our procedures.

“We can also confirm that we have suspended staff.”

Tim Davey, BBC Director

(PA archive)

Katie CliftonJuly 9, 2023 15:45


Full BBC statement

A BBC spokesperson said: “The BBC first became aware of the complaints in May.

“A new allegation of a different nature was brought to us on Thursday and, in addition to our own investigation, we have also contacted external authorities according to our procedures.

“We were also able to confirm that a male staff member was suspended.

“We will be able to provide further updates in the coming days as the process progresses.

“The BBC Board will continue to provide updates.

“The BBC takes all allegations seriously and has robust internal processes in place to proactively deal with such allegations.

“This is a complex and rapidly changing set of circumstances and the BBC is working as quickly as possible to establish the facts in order to properly inform the appropriate next steps.

“It is important that these issues are treated fairly and sensitively.

“We have made it clear that at any point we will follow up appropriately and proactively when new information comes to light or is provided to us.”

Katie CliftonJuly 9, 2023 15:15


BREAKING: BBC presenter suspended

The BBC has confirmed that a male staff member has been suspended after an anonymous BBC presenter was accused of paying a teenage boy for sexually explicit footage.

We will provide more information about this bulletin as it becomes available.

Katie CliftonJuly 9, 2023 15:14

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/bbc-ap-lucy-frazer-itv-london-b2372016.html BBC host rumor: Host accused of paying teen girl for explicit photos suspended

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