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Betting on a tight budget? This is how to go further with it

Betting can be enjoyable for people of all budgets. Whilst you might catch Drake or Mayweather dropping $100,000 on a single bet at a sporting event, you may receive the same buzz and anticipation from betting £20.

However, there are some things to keep in mind when betting on a tight budget – and it begins with finding the best UK bookmakers. Here are some things you can do to make your money go further.

Bankroll strategy

Firstly, you don’t want to blow your wallet right away, so it’s important to manage your bankroll. This is essentially a plan around how much you’re willing to bet per week, or perhaps that no single bet can be above, say, 5% of the amount in your betting account.

Whatever the bankroll strategy is it’s important to stick to it and not let emotions get the better of you. Impulse bets that aren’t in accordance with some bankroll rules are a recipe for spoiling your budget. Alternatively, you could decide that set a limit that’s a percentage of your monthly salary.


Secondly, bonuses are where you could see your money go a lot further. Free bets, for example, are often risk-free ways of betting that have a greater impact on those on a smaller budget. After all, a £50 free bet for the aforementioned celebrity betters is not going to excite them.

It’s also important to know which bonuses are suited to you and which are not. Of course, when signing up, you may as well take advantage of the signup bonuses. However, these involve more risk than other bonuses types, because they often involve wager requirements. So, you’re forced to deposit a hefty amount and then continue gambling with the bonus money until you can withdraw. Alternatively, free bets and cashback bonuses are likely more suited to you.


Now, we can discuss the merits and value that accumulators do or do not possess, but at the end of the day some people do not get excited at betting a small amount on the 1/2 favourite in the boxing – the winning potentials just aren’t that great here.

Whilst accumulators and betting on underdogs is of course riskier, they can mean making more bets, and of course, the potential winnings can be thousands from just a £5 bet.

It’s clear to see why this is more enjoyable for some people. Plus, if you have great knowledge of a sport, then picking out underdogs is likely going to lead to greater success than continuous betting on the favourites. Generally, the risk-reward value is greater among non-fan favourites because odds are often inflated due to the opponent’s unjust popularity.

Final Word

These were just some of the ways you can make your smaller budget go further when gambling. It’s important to not let wager bonuses entice you into depositing/betting more than you can afford, whilst sticking to a budget and knowing when to call it a day is ultimately the most important thing. And, ultimately, you have to just enjoy placing smaller bets – this is within your control, after all.

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