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Beyoncé’s UK tour opening night with 9 outfit changes, 36 songs and a secret body double

If North Korea develops pop superstars, this is what it will look like. oh.

So it’s no surprise when beyonce arrived at Cardiff The whole city came to a standstill when her UK show started last night.


Beyoncé brought her Renaissance World Tour to England and it didn’t disappointCredits: cover image
The US superstar took to the stage at Cardiff's Principality Stadium with a heart-pounding rendition of 'Dangerously In Love'.


The US superstar took to the stage at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium with a heart-pounding rendition of ‘Dangerously In Love’.Credits: cover image

The symbol of America brought her Renaissance World Tour Went to England and she didn’t disappoint Played a selection of the greatest hits Out of a set of about 40 songs.

And it’s only right that onlookers stop and take notice. This stage show is like watching a perfect military exercise. . . in a miniskirt.

In a shiny silver ball gown, Bey hit the city stage. Principality Stadium A heart-pounding rendition of “Dangerously In Love” then shifted tone to the beautiful and emotional “Flaws And All” during which she seemed visibly moved.

A segmented show sees her change between acts, and during Act II’s nine costume changes, she brings the crowd to its feet with hilarious bangers and evokes pop, soul, blues and more. A band of powerful musicians capable of triumphantly backed the singer.

Beyoncé hires body double for tour as show-stopping details revealed
Beyoncé's Eye-popping Tour Set Contents

The costume includes alexander mcqueen A custom Loewe bodysuit featuring a bodysuit, rainbow mini dress and knee-high boots, and black gloved arms that wrap her around her.

Her perfectly organized legions of dancers marched relentlessly to the beat of their leader, never skipping a beat.

However, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the overwhelmingly large auto queue in the center of the venue. It seemed to act as a safety net in case the megastar lost its place in the lengthy setlist.

She performed “Drunk In Love” from the top of a disco ball flanked by ultra-modern screens with specially shot visuals.

She used the opportunity to appeal to fans who were complaining that she hadn’t released a video for her ‘Renaissance’ album ten months after its release. .

As she changed her outfit, the narrator said, “You wanted a visual, you wanted a queen. But a queen goes at her own pace.”

And we hear she spent a fortune on this ambitious and pioneering show, rehearsing for hours behind closed doors to ensure dramatic perfection.

steel pole

As the show nears its climax, the choreography spreads to the stadium, where the superstar ringmaster attracts the attention of 65,000 fans.

It includes an intricate sequence in which Beyoncé rides into the center of the venue in a six-wheeled moon buggy and performs an obscene dance around steel poles.

Between segments, half-naked superstar visuals grace the expansive set, with Bey appearing in a new costume each time, to dramatic effect.

This show is not only about songs and sounds, but also about fashion and visuals.

And as the finale progresses, it couldn’t be clearer – the superstars are in town and the details don’t matter.

Quick wardrobe changes, an interspersed medley of famous songs, and dozens of mesmerizingly choreographed dancers make this a truly mesmerizing experience.

To be honest, I never thought of myself as a fan. . . until now.

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caught live

Beyoncé at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff


Beyoncé's tour is a truly mesmerizing experience


Beyoncé’s tour is a truly mesmerizing experienceCredit: BackGrid

https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22395764/beyonce-renaissance-uk-tours-outfit-songs-body-double/ Beyoncé’s UK tour opening night with 9 outfit changes, 36 songs and a secret body double

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