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Biden to ‘compare notes’ with Sunak on Ukraine counterattack

Joe Biden They are expected to raise concerns about the peace process in Northern Ireland and discuss Ukraine’s counterattack against Russia. Rishi Snack when we meet next week.

America president would satisfy prime minister On Monday, he will meet King Charles in London at Windsor Castle before heading to Lithuania for a NATO summit.

At our fifth meeting in the last few months, White House He said Biden would “compare notes” with Sunak on his support for Ukraine and the battlefield situation.

But Mr Biden has previously said he wants to “make sure the Brits don’t fail” in Northern Ireland and is likely to discuss post-Brexit tensions as well.

“He continues to work with the UK, Ireland and remains focused on ensuring peace, prosperity and stability in the broader region,” Amanda Sloat, senior director for Europe at the National Security Council, told reporters. Told.

“I would imagine these would be general topics they would discuss, but Northern Ireland is certainly an issue that the President regularly discusses with the British side.”

While in the UK, Biden will also attend the Climate Finance Mobilization Forum, which focuses on helping developing countries.

The two are scheduled to join NATO allies in Vilnius on Tuesday, when talks about Ukraine’s membership candidacy will take place.

Mr Slot said: “Given that we will meet the day before, the two leaders will fly to Vilnius, so I think this will be an opportunity to lay the groundwork for the development of discussions leading up to the summit in Vilnius.”

“For them, it will be an opportunity to compare notes on both our support for Ukraine and their continued efforts on the battlefield.”

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/president-joe-biden-white-house-prime-minister-rishi-sunak-b2371459.html Biden to ‘compare notes’ with Sunak on Ukraine counterattack

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