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Bonuses and Other Benefits for Newcomers at Online and Land-Based Casinos

It’s no longer news that newcomers or newbies are always treated to a nice and warm reception at online and land-based casinos. They are slammed with mouth-watering bonuses especially online casinos and their tempting sign-up or welcome bonuses, free spins with no deposit required. The idea is to give newbies the best welcome package that will encourage them to proceed with the game and not give up. And most of the time, these bonuses do not require the new player to deposit any money before it can be enjoyed. If the player, however, decides to deposit any money, then the online casino will reward that new player generously up to 250% or 500% bonus.

Bonuses and Other Benefits for Newcomers at Online and Land-Based Casinos

There are numerous bonuses and other benefits for newcomers at online and land-based casinos and we’re going to be looking at them in this post.

A glance at the bonuses below.

  • Welcome Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Deposit Bonus
  • Free Spins
  • Game-Specific Bonus

Let’s begin with the first.

Welcome Bonus

This is perhaps the most exciting bonus for new players and it’s usually larger than every other kind of bonus. Just like its name suggests, it’s a bonus used to welcome new players and for most popular online casinos, it’s usually called a sign-up bonus. But for land-based casinos, it’s simply called a welcome bonus. This welcome bonus can either be in the form of a deposit bonus (you’d have to deposit some cash to access it when you register or sign-up), or no deposit bonus (no need to deposit any money). And for the most part, it’s a combination of either deposit or no deposit bonus with free spins.

This makes the offer more inviting for new players. Whether you have money to deposit or not as a new player, there’s always a welcome bonus for you. But this is for online casinos mostly as you are only required to sign up and access your bonus. Most online casinos use this to attract more players so you can register with no money and access your bonus.

For players who decide to make a deposit, the welcome bonus is usually massive and can encourage anyone to continue with the game. Get to know that Hard Rock has 3 potential sites for a New York City casino.

No Deposit Bonus

This particular bonus is often exclusive to new players especially on online casinos to entice them. However, it can also be available to loyal players but the bonus is usually limited and the wagering conditions might not be friendly compared to other bonuses. Sometimes, these wagering conditions might make it impossible for you to withdraw the money. There are other terms and conditions attached which must be adhered to.

Deposit Bonus

This is the direct opposite of a no deposit bonus and just like the name denotes, you will have to deposit before you can access the bonus. The deposit bonus is available to both old and new players. For old players, they are used to it as it comes often. For newcomers, they would have to be more eager to overlook the no deposit offer and deposit some money to enjoy the mouthwatering bonus which can go as high as 250% or more depending on the casino. This bonus is available for online and land-based casinos. Deposit bonuses vary from one casino to the other so it’s best to do your due diligence by weighing the offers of numerous online and land-based casinos. Learn how Hamiota man took home $10M jackpot.

Free Spins

This kind of bonus is available for newbies and old players alike to enjoy. New players can sign up online or register at a land-based casino to start enjoying the free spins if they are available at the time of signing up. However, the free spins kind of bonuses is exclusive to slot machines and slot games. The free spins are also exclusive to certain slot machines and not all of them. Sometimes, the free spins can come from the providers. They usually come in batches and not all the time. So always look out for them and remember that they come with a limited time to use.

Game-Specific Bonus

These kinds of bonuses are unique to certain games so any new player can tap into them and enjoy them. The same goes for old players. For instance, the free spins are only for slot games and some might be unique to baccarat or roulette.

Some Things to Note About Casino Bonuses?

  • First, you need to be aware that there are always terms and conditions attached to every bonus including wagering requirements. Ensure you read them before proceeding to claim any bonus whether you are a newbie or old player. Some of the bonuses may come with unique codes but regardless of how they come, they are very easy to claim and use.
  • In terms of cashing out your bonuses, it’s always rare. The bonuses are sent to your account so you can use them to play more games. Cashing out your bonus for real money can be offered by the site but don’t always expect this to be the case with no deposit bonuses or even welcome bonuses in most cases.
  • You might also need to pay attention to the time frame attached to each bonus. Some have limited time to claim them. After claiming, you still have to use them on time else the bonus will expire. There’s always a support service in most online and land-based casinos to explain better to you.
  • The wagering requirement is also important. This refers to the amount of money you’d have to bet so you can withdraw your bonus. Understand the wagering requirement properly before engaging to claim your freebie.


There are always bonuses and benefits for newcomers who decide to venture into the world of casinos. Whether they chose to play online or at a land-based casino, there’s bound to be a bonus. As newcomers enjoy these welcome bonuses and other benefits, they can get a hang of how the system works and be encouraged to stake more. From deposit to no deposit and free spins, there’s always a freebie for every newcomer.

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