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Casino Roulette or the Devil’s Wheel: 4 Facts about the Most Mysterious Casino Game

Gambling offers from the industry leaders of the Joo Casino type offer many Roulette games. All of them resemble each other, but there are still different types that are modifications of the true Roulette’s form. And why do pro gamblers in the top online casinos call it the Devil’s Wheel? What is behind that golden-classic game…

Fact 1: Roulette’s History — A Time Trip to Old Italy

The year when the game came to the stage is not determined. Nevertheless, that game was popular in the 17th-18th centuries in Italy. Of course, it had another form, even though the system was almost identical. Also, the game had another term: Italians called it Biribi.

The players had to choose numbers on the board they wished to get back. The banker, in turn, had a bag with tickets with all numbers. If the tickets corresponded to what a gambler had on the board, the winners got X60+ of their stake. Those who lost had to give up on their money and let the banker have it. And here you can see the board which Italians used for such entertainment:

Alt: Casino roulette might have originated in Italy. The first term for it was Biribi.

Fact 2: Another Historical Theory — The French Cavagnole

The most common theory is that the game was created by French mathematician Blaise Pascal while he was trying to create a perpetual motion machine. However, some researchers claim that gamblers knew the game in China even before Pascal’s time. The first European gambling house where Roulette was played officially opened in 1758 in Paris. Even the famous Casanova played that game! But we must highlight that this entertainment type was illegal.

Fact 3: Two Answers to Why Roulette is the Devil’s Wheel

There are two main reasons for that:

The roulette lover legend

The first one is simple and refers to a legend about a gentleman François Blanc who wanted to know the secret of that 100% random game. Well, he was a gambler and a casino owner — gamblers knew him as a distinguished gentleman who offered higher odds than usual. So, our casino entrepreneur was so avid to know the enigma behind the mechanism that he traded his soul for the skill of accurate prediction. The Devil did not say no to a curious casino businessman, but what were the consequences? Unfortunately, the story ends abruptly, leaving historians and casino lovers without a solid answer. Yet, we may suppose that sir Blanc’s story did not go well… But he lived quite a rich life and died when he was over seventy years old, which is not bad given the medicine of the 19th century.

The 666 number sum

The number 666, of course, is the number of Satan — and you know that even if you have not read the Bible. The French Roulette has 37 sectors, and if you add up all numbers on the wheel, you will get that very much-dreaded figure. This interpretation is simpler, but there is solid evidence we cannot deny. 

Fact 4: The Up-to-Date Roulette Has Many Variations 

Besides, several games are based on that classic entertainment but with slight modifications in the rules. The most widespread version is the European Roulette which has only one zero sectors. The American Roulette has two sectors — 0 and 00 (double zero). The French Roulette shares the same wheel as its American “colleague” but has different terms. The French version is more advantageous for gamblers as it offers “en prison” and “la partage” options — they return half of the stake to a player if the ball stops at zero.

The Mini-Roulette is a variation of a real Roulette but with a smaller wheel. As a result, a player has fewer sectors to choose from. The logic is the same, but the chances of winning are lower in that case.

Final Words

Casino roulette games are amazing not only because they can be gripping. That entertainment offers mysticism in parallel with a dynamic process. Of course, we have lost a significant part of that vibe. Nevertheless, Roulette remains one of human history’s most interesting gambling games.


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