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Cast Iron Table Base: The Finest Choice for Pubs and Restaurant Tables

Most of the time, table bases go unnoticed; the focus is primarily on the food. However, take a step back and consider this. Table bases are critical to a pub and restaurant’s overall look and long-term usability. A single table base, or even a slew of them, may make or shatter a busy dining area. From taverns to restaurants to hospitality establishments, metal table bases, especially cast iron table bases, have been a mainstay for many years. We have compiled some of the best reasons to use cast iron table bases in your business, including its extreme durability, environmental friendliness, and surprising affordability.

Why is Cast Iron Table the Best Choice for Pubs and Restaurants?

Metal table bases made of cast iron can persist for hundreds of years; as a matter of fact, Victorian pubs and restaurants are still using authentic Victorian cast iron table bases, which are in excellent condition. Because of their toughness and rigidness, they are perfect for use as a base for a bar or restaurant table, where they can resist extreme use and even be moved around for special events or layout changes. The fact that they are so heavy makes them excellent for usage even in windy circumstances for outdoor settings.

Also, cleaning and maintaining cast iron furniture is just a breeze and could be done without a sweat. You only have to sweep and wipe away your table bases with a wet cloth to keep them looking terrific.

Iron is an Environmental-friendly Material to Use

As a metal element, iron is the key itself that even corrosion and high temperature are no match for cast iron’s inherent toughness. In custom metal table bases, the molding process produces a protective surface coating that increases the material’s corrosion resistance. After that, the factory will paint or galvanize the custom metal table to prevent oxidizing elements from penetrating the surface. Cast iron table base will survive much longer now that these enhancements have been made.

As a result of the cast iron table base’s long life, many owners maintain theirs for several decades, reducing the amount of waste produced. When it’s time to replace these bases, iron can be recycled and melted down to make new items.

They’re Strong Which is Why They are the Best Option for Tables with Thick Tops

Due to the natural weight and solidity of cast iron table bases, they are an excellent choice for supporting an incredibly hefty tabletop. Granite, marble, and metal are common materials for heavier tabletops, and they require a base to efficiently sustain their weight. If you’re unclear about whether or not a table foundation will hold up to a hefty top, contact the company’s specialists for assistance. They’ll be pleased to guide you in the correct direction.

Cast Iron Table Base Can be Simply Tailored to Fit your Needs

Metal casting is commonly used to table bases out of cast iron. Using a metal mold with a hollow hole, molten metal is poured and cooled to make the required base. All thanks to the flexibility of the mold, cast iron table bases come in a wide variety of styles and designs— enhancing their aesthetic value. Because custom metal table bases, specifically cast iron, last for such a long time, it’s a relief to know that they can be modified to match any change in décor or use. Changing the top is the simplest and most cost-effective approach to bring them up to the latest trends in design and architecture. Aside from that, you can also repaint them to match your room’s color palette instead of keeping them black or there used to be color. In this way, your cast iron table base will look brand new and never outdated.

Custom Metal Table Bases are Not Too Expensive

It’s astonishing how cheap custom metal table bases can be. For the same quality as an expensive investment piece, cast iron bases can be found in basic pedestal designs that include the tabletop for under £40. To even make it more budget-friendly, the company even sells table bases separately if you already have a tabletop, so you may save even more money. 

Table Bases Made of Cast Iron are Stunning

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include the aesthetics of cast iron table bases as a selling element. No matter how much or how little embellishment is used in the design, cast iron has an elegant and historical sense to it. And to top it all off, these custom bases go well with nearly every type of chair, whether it’s made of wood, metal, or plastic.

To make it more beneficial for your interest, you are given a number of options when it comes to choosing a table base that matches your establishment’s style and decor. You can have a complete selection of cast iron table bases by checking https://www.creativemetalmd.com/table-bases.

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