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Caterham dog attack: subdues victim American Bully XL

Natasha Johnston, 28, died of “multiple penetrating” bites to her neck following a January 12 attack in Gravely Hill, Caterham.

Croydon resident Johnston is believed to have been walking several dogs, including his own American Bully XL, when he was attacked.

An autopsy showed she suffered shock and bleeding, including a cut to her left jugular vein.

The two dogs, both dachshunds, were returned to their owners at the end of April, and Natasha’s dog was euthanized after the attack.

Five other dogs are kept in private kennels and police are in contact with their owners.

At the beginning of the autopsy on her death, coroner Simon Wickens expressed “deepest condolences” to Ms Johnston’s family and “all those affected in her life”.

“A post-mortem examination was performed at the Royal Surrey County Hospital on 18 January,” the coroner said Tuesday.

“The medical cause of death was attributed to 1a) shock and hemorrhage, including perforation of the left jugular vein, and 1b) multiple stabbings in the neck by a dog by a pathologist.

“The reason an autopsy is necessary is the nature of the injury.”

Wickens confirmed Johnston’s occupation as a dog walker and formally identified her family as interested parties in the lawsuit.

“My deepest condolences to Natasha’s family and all those affected in her life,” he said.

In a statement released earlier by police, Johnston’s family said: “This is a very difficult time for us, due to the sudden death of a family member, the high level of media attention and the graphic nature of some reports. We have to deal with nature,” he said. causing more pain.

“We continue to appeal for privacy to be respected in times of grief.”

A Surrey Police spokesman said: “We have now received the forensic veterinary report which has been shared with the Surrey Coroner.

“As a result, two dogs (both dachshunds) were returned to their owners at the end of April and one of the dead dogs was put to sleep.

“Five other dogs remain in private kennels and we are discussing the recommendations from the report with their owners.

“The breed of dog that was put to sleep is believed to be the American Bully XL.”

https://www.thisislocallondon.co.uk/news/23532206.caterham-dog-attack-victims-american-bully-xl-put-sleep/?ref=rss Caterham dog attack: subdues victim American Bully XL

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