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Choosing a Bespoke Bridal Set Design

bridal jewellery  set may well be one of the most important big-ticket items for your entire wedding day. Along with the hire of a chosen wedding venue and transportation arrangements, bridal jewellery sets can constitute some significant outlay. That’s why it is important to get your choice of design right. In this regard, opting for something bespoke is likely to be the best way forward. With a bespoke bridal jewellery set, you will obtain something that is completely unique, that you will enjoy wearing long after your big day and something that you can even pass down in future years as an heirloom. Why choose a bespoke set of jewellery for your wedding?

  • Made to Order

When you purchase any bespoke item of jewellery, it will be made to order for you. The same goes for a bridal set when a tiara, a necklace, a wedding ring and even a bracelet can be made for you just the way you want. Not only will this mean obtaining a truly unique set of jewellery for your wedding day but all of the items in the set should coordinate perfectly, too, perhaps reflecting the design of your  engagement ring  or the patterns you might have in your wedding dress. This is not so easy to get right with pre-made, off-the-peg jewellery, of course.

  • Incorporate Your Personality

As well as obtaining a matching set of jewellery that will sparkle on your big day, bespoke sets will often have one-of-a-kind touches that mean you can show off something of your personality. Some people like very delicate jewellery sets while others want bolder designs. Either way, wearing something that expresses who you are as a person can be very empowering.

  • Get Involved With the Design

According to  Bonds of Brentwood,  a bespoke jewellery maker based in Brentwood, more and more brides come forward with their own design ideas these days. Sometimes, these are fully-fledged designs but they can also be simple sketches. What modern brides want, it seems, is to have their input at an early stage of the process. With a skilled jewellery designer, a simple idea can be brought to life across an entire range of jewellery. So, if you only have an idea for a headpiece and want the rest of the design work taken care of for you, then this is certainly possible nowadays.

  • Choose Something That Suits Your Budget

Although some brides fear that a bespoke jewellery set for their wedding day will be expensive, this need not be the case. When you select the materials for your set, you can opt for any precious metal you like. Anything from silver and white gold to platinum and palladium can be used, each with different price tags associated with them. Equally, you can opt for a range of different stones and not all of them will be at the upper end of your budget. This flexibility is one of the key attractions involved with a bespoke set of bridal jewellery.

  • Enjoy the Romance of a One-of-a-Kind Set

At the end of the day, a bespoke bridal jewellery set is most attractive because it will be unique. Knowing you have invested in a design that says something about you as an individual and that will never be made exactly the same again is, without doubt, a romantic notion. And who would not want something romantic for their wedding day, after all?

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