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Chris Kaba: The story behind the shoot that shocked London


n Residential Kirkstall Gardens, Streatham Hillresidents still ask who Chris Hippo And that’s why the unarmed 24-year-old black rapper was shot dead by a police sniper through the windshield of his car outside his home just over three weeks ago.

Sadly, they’re not the only ones across the capital seeking answers to the same pressing questions amid a disturbing lack of official information.

Mr. Cava’s distraught family saw footage late on Sept. 5 of a policeman in two patrol cars wearing them, chasing and edging his Audi Q8, and was a little more. I learned a lot.

They also personally met the new Commissioner of Scotland Yard, Sir Mark Rowley, 25 minutes after watching the video. Today, Evening Standard examines the events leading up to the shooting to shed new light on the story that captivates London.

Hippo suffered devastating injuries after being shot in the head in a narrow street in south London. of Metropolitan Police Department The officer involved was suspended and the Independent Police Action Service launched a homicide investigation.

But Cava’s cousin Jefferson Bosera believes most people have already made up their minds because of the lack of information. Kaba said her deep belief in being “executed” had a direct impact on the youth of her constituency.

his murder The shooting of Mark Duggan, 29, in Tottenham ten years ago sparked riots across Britain.An inquest jury later found that he had been lawfully murdered. On social media, supporters fervently defended Kaba’s case with the hashtag #JusticeForChrisKaba, with Bosella, 27, a former English teacher and head of the grade, pleading:

Protesters march to New Scotland Yard during a demonstration over the death of Chris Hippo (Left Unity/PA)

/ PA media

Ribeiro Addy, below, also wondered if the car did not belong to Kabba and police knew he was the driver. rallies were held in Brighton, Manchester and Cardiff.

Mourners were told that Kabba’s pregnant fiancée, Karima Waite, was so grief-stricken that she could barely get out of bed.

Star Wars actor John Boyega, 30, highlighted the incident while discussing institutional racism on New York’s Hot 97 radio station. Bossi Bop rapper Stormzy, 29 , offered support to Mr. Hippo’s family when his death overtook the death of the musician in the news.

On 11 August 2020, two years before he was murdered, Standard accused Mr Hippo, then 22, of failing to stop a Vauxhall Astra on Cranbrook Road, Thornton Heath, just four miles away. I know I have been stopped. A police officer in uniform. The Bromley Magistrate’s Court said that police “had good reason to believe that they were being used in a manner likely to cause alarm, distress and/or annoyance to members of the public.”

During the search, police found a lock knife. Two days later, Kaba pleaded guilty to holding a knife in public and driving without insurance. Unstoppable claims have been withdrawn.

He was remanded into custody and detained at Crown Court in Croydon for sentencing, as the crime had been committed while he was on his license. On 21 October, Mr Hippo was sentenced to a further five months in custody, a penalty of six points on his license and ordered to pay a £120 victim surcharge.

At the time, Kaba had just been released from a four-year juvenile offenders facility for possessing a firearm with the intent to incite the threat of violence. The conviction dates back to an incident that occurred on December 30, 2017 at 3:25 am on Butchers Road in his town of Canning.

Police said gunshots were fired but no one was hurt. After serving an extended prison term, Kaba was released about a year ago. Habib Qadiri, of Stopwatch for the Stop and Search Campaign Group, responded as to why Kaba disobeyed the firearms officer’s orders that fateful night.

Shooting scene at Streatham Hill

/ PA

he said: The nature of street police causes panic.

Many people we have spoken to feel as though police technicians have come across them to catch them. has received a 28-day domestic violence protection order from the police related to Ms. Waite, the mother of A notice granted by the Westminster Magistrate’s Court prevented him from contacting her on social media or entering her street in Battersea.

The order prohibits “the alleged perpetrator from using or threatening violence against Karima Waite, or from encouraging or directing others to do so.” But Waite’s mother, Kim Alleyne, 49, said her future son-in-law is apprenticing to become an architect, saying earlier this month: added. he was very funny he was very kind. He said if it was a white boy, he would have had a chance to get out of the car.”

Bosella, who quit his job to take over the role of family spokesperson, said: As much as I believe he’s a nice and good guy, even if he isn’t, they didn’t know Chris was in that car unless it was a targeted operation. ,it doesn’t matter. ”

“Because of the lack of information at first, people are already drawing their own conclusions,” agreed Ribeiro Addi.

“Whatever the outcome of the investigation, I fear that people have already made up their minds about what happened. I’ve heard you say… It’s a really dangerous word.

“For many of them, ‘This has happened again. It happens to us all the time. They believe that nothing changes. In Lambeth, it sucks.’ [police] Trust and trust in the whole city. ”

On the night of September 5, Kaba left his mother Helen Lumuanganu’s (also known as Nkama) home in Peckham, but it is unclear where he went. An automatic license plate recognition camera was activated while driving an Audi, alerting police to a link to a firearms incident a few days earlier.

The car received a “hard stop” and corralled him after being chased by two armed response vehicles with specialized firearms officers.

Just before 10pm, residents of Kirkstall Gardens heard a single gunshot. An anonymous witness later told The Standard: It was at least a dozen times. The man in the car had multiple opportunities to stop, but he declined. He then started driving towards a police car, smashed into it, then backed up, but was unable to stop the car. ”

A resident claimed that Kaba “may have killed one of the officers with his car.”

The Metropolitan Police Coalition, representing all constables, sergeants, inspectors and chief inspectors, has confirmed its support for the “brave” firearms colleagues as others threatened to surrender their weapons. Chairman Ken Marsh said there was “no problem” with the shooting investigation.

A possible criminal charge against the officer who fired the lethal shot is one that the Crown Attorney’s Office believes is whether he acted in self-defense in response to a real threat to his life, or whether he acted in response to another officer’s threat. It may depend on whether you judge that you have acted in response.

Mr. Kaba was the eldest of three brothers raised by his church-going parents, Prosper Kaba and Mrs. Lumuanganu of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He lived in Wembley. Known as Madix, he was a member of Brixton Hill based drill rap group 67. His mother, she said, remained steadfast in her resolve to achieve “justice” after watching police video footage.

The IOPC said the investigation could take six to nine months due to the “substantial amount of evidence” to be investigated. The spokesperson added: We understand that people want answers quickly. But this is a complicated investigation, and you have to keep track of it to uncover all the facts. “

Kaba’s family attorney, Daniel Machover, said:

“This remains true regardless of what those involved have or did not do in the past. It is a distraction from the priorities to establish

The Metropolitan said it could not comment due to the IOPC inquiry.

A hearing in Mr Hippo’s death will begin at the Inner South London Coroner’s Court on 4 October.

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/chris-kaba-inside-story-shooting-london-streatham-hill-police-met-b1027691.html Chris Kaba: The story behind the shoot that shocked London

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