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Conservative election race widens for candidate to challenge Sadiq Khan in London

contest of conservative next appointment London The mayoral race was further widened when one candidate announced his intention to run with the goal of building 50,000 homes.

Alex Challoner is running as a Conservative candidate with a “bold” plan to create five so-called market communities in the capital.

The 53-year-old, who has worked in the housing sector for more than 20 years, said the money would come from a 15% infrastructure tax applied upfront on developments, which he reckons could raise millions of pounds.

The director of the Conservative Reform Group said: labor Mayor Sadik KhanHe, who is fighting for a third term on city hall in the May 2024 election, has “ignored” the housing crisis.

London’s Housing Crisis Can Be Solved by a Bold Mayor, and I’ll Be That Bold Mayor

Alex Challoner

Khan declared last week that about 120,000 affordable housing units have been built in the metropolitan area since 2015, meeting the target of 116,000 units set by the central government.

Challoner’s intention would be to build 10,000 new homes each in five communities built in consultation with parliaments across the capital.

Mr Challoner announced his plans to run for office on Monday, saying: “London’s housing crisis can be solved by a brave mayor and I will be that brave mayor.”

The businessman also said he would increase the number of police officers dedicated to safer neighborhood teams by a third and would hire an additional 1,000 officers to support a new police force focused on burglaries and motor vehicle crimes. I am running with a ticket.

On transport, the former journalist said he was campaigning for the Victoria line of the London Underground to be fully automated by 2026, with the goal of moving the entire underground network in two years’ time in a similar direction.

Mr. Challoner’s candidacy came after one of his candidates withdrew from the race in favor of his rival.

London MP Nick Rogers withdraws from election, says he supports Paul Scullythe London minister who announced his candidacy on Thursday.

The Conservative Party will narrow its field to a maximum of three candidates before a vote among party members will be held on 19 July to determine the candidate.

Former Downing Street advisers Daniel Kolsky and Samuel Kasum have announced their candidacy, along with London MPs Andrew Boff and Susan Hall.

Dewayne Brooks, who was with Stephen Lawrence when he was killed in a racially motivated attack 30 years ago, also told reporters he was seeking the party’s nomination.

Kassum on Monday announced plans to recruit a new generation of volunteer police cadets as part of a plan to restore trust and confidence in the Metropolitan Police Department.

A Labor official said Mr Khan was “committed to building a better London for all” including “a record number of municipal housing deliveries”.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/sadiq-khan-london-paul-scully-conservative-labour-b2343132.html Conservative election race widens for candidate to challenge Sadiq Khan in London

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