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Conservative mayoral candidate: ‘Sadiq Khan doesn’t share Londoners’ values’

Susan Hall was elected mayor of London by Conservative MPs.

Hall, who has vowed to overthrow Labor mayor Sadiq Khan, said: “People may ridicule and underestimate us, but we give everything to the city that gave us so much. I’m going,” he said.

“We need to demonstrate the values ​​of everyday Londoners,” she added.

“These are my values, they are conservative values, they are Londoners’ values, but they are not Sadiq Khan’s values.”

She was running against another candidate, Mozammer Hossain, in the Conservative election campaign. The race was a close one after David Cameron’s former special adviser, Daniel Kolsky, withdrew from the campaign.

London Conservatives ultimately chose Mr Hall over Mr Hossein, winning 57% of the vote.

During the month-long campaign, Mr. Hall and Mr. Hossein clashed violently at the Husting debate. She said Mr Hossein “doesn’t understand how London works”, while accusing Mr Hossein of publishing “intolerant and hateful” messages on Twitter that would undermine voter support.

Hall, who has been a member of the London Parliament since 2017, will face incumbent Sadiq Khan on May 2.

The results of the vote of some 20,000 London Conservatives were announced by party chairman Greg Hands in front of MPs and supporters at the Battle of Britain bunker in Uxbridge.

She told activists: “Together we were able to stand in front of you today with a 100/1 chance. increase.”

“It is a great honor to be a candidate for Mayor of London, thank you, and it leaves me with an important responsibility. I will keep trying.”

Hall added: “We live in London with the everyday values ​​of working hard to provide for our families, being honest about ourselves and what we believe in, and acting selflessly for the benefit of others. must be shown to indicate

“These are my values, those are the conservative values, those are the Londoners’ values, but those are not Sadiq Khan’s values. He has no interest in helping others.” No, he only cares about himself.

“He’s visiting a cannabis factory while a young man is stabbed on the street. He’s more interested in selling his books…and when things go wrong, it’s not really his fault.” I will hire an army of Spin Doctors to persuade you to

She added: “Some newspaper editors think we have given up, but let me tell you this: I will never give up on London.

“People may ridicule and underestimate us, but we will give everything to the city that has given us so much.

“Colleagues, we can do it, we will beat him.” [Mr Khan]And we will deliver the change that Londoners want. ”

Mr Hall drew significant support from the grassroots Conservative Party in the election campaign, including prominent MPs such as Paul Sculley and Bob Blackman, as well as Cabinet Minister Kemi Badenoch.

https://www.politics.co.uk/news/2023/07/19/conservative-candidate-for-london-mayor-sadiq-khan-does-not-share-londoners-values/ Conservative mayoral candidate: ‘Sadiq Khan doesn’t share Londoners’ values’

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