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Crucible review: National Theater ‘comes to life’ with ‘uneasy’ new show

Brendan Cowell’s The Crucuible comes to life in this “disturbing” new adaptation by Arthur Miller, pushing the iconic play to its absolute limits.

1690s, Massachusetts. The pastor has lost control of the flock. Girls dance naked in the woods. Witchcraft accusations are dismissed with immunity. And the town asks the court to pass judgment with tragic consequences.

crucible, It has been an essential Salem story for over 70 years. It doesn’t matter – it’s National’s latest production mark.

Turner’s direction pushes Miller’s dialogue to the absolute pinnacle. The tension is so intense that it grips you every time the accusers lie, every innocent pleads. Brendan Cowell is utterly captivating as John Proctor, a perfect embodiment of his goodness and shame. His trial will put you on the edge of your seat.

Olivier is the auditorium’s deep well, but set designer Es Devlin taps into its ability to feel both spaciousness and intimacy. The lightly decorated, colorless stage is brought to life by a fringed rain curtain that shimmers like silver sequins.

it’s disturbing crucible It feels very timely, but deception will forever be a threat to justice. As a lesson to those who might be contemplating cheating on their spouse, it’s both satisfying and terrifying. But only if you can relieve the tension.

crucible will run at the Olivier Theater until November 5, 2022. The film will also be shown in cinemas across the UK on 26th January and in cinemas worldwide on 2nd March.

buy tickets at National Theater website.

Screenplay: Arthur Miller
Director: Lindsey Turner

https://www.thisislocallondon.co.uk/news/national/uk-today/23075571.crucible-review-national-theatre-brought-life-unsettling-new-show/?ref=rss Crucible review: National Theater ‘comes to life’ with ‘uneasy’ new show

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