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Dark Web – Aritri Kumar, Tiffin Girls’ School

Many have heard about it, but the Dark Web is a mystery to most. This article explains what you need to know about it.

First and foremost, you should know that the Internet is a network of computers spread all over the world. Searching for a term in a popular search engine such as Google brings up information stored on web servers just by swiping the surface of the web. This information is freely accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

The next ambiguity is the deep web. This is information that you will not see if you search for it. Examples include passwords, credit card numbers, bank account details, and other sensitive information.

Dark web:

A deeper third level contains information that is not public and highly sensitive. It’s called the Dark Web. The Dark Web is inaccessible through popular search engines and requires another network called Tor. We do not recommend accessing this network as it is heavily monitored by government secret services. Terrorist organizations also use this network to move funds, exchange confidential information between classes, purchase weapons, and spread false propaganda. Apart from these, various violent activities illegal in the social fabric can also be carried out on the dark web, from obtaining fake passports to hiring mercenaries.

Why are government agencies accessing the dark web?

A covert government organization that deals with cyber espionage is hiring ethical hackers due to the evolving threat posed by terrorist organizations and other state-sponsored criminal activities. They want to know how these organizations plan to threaten the country’s social fabric.

Why do terrorist organizations access the dark web?

The purpose of a terrorist organization is to spread terrorism in a targeted country. They can use the dark web to buy contraband, buy and supply weapons, hire people to carry out their plans, and do many things to destabilize the nation. can.

Saurabh Kumar, a professional cybersecurity specialist, when asked how he can access the dark web, replied: Certification. Accessing the dark web without professional credentials is discouraged and should only be accessed for ethical purposes. ”

A single misstep can lead to prosecution and ventures being expelled from school, college or work. With the dark web endangering lives and careers in this way, one thing is certain.

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