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Detailed Explanation of Cisco Certification – Cisco CCNA

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is the entry certification of Cisco After-sales Engineer Certification System and the lowest level technical certification among Cisco Certifications. Through CCNA Certification[View site], you can prove that you have mastered the basic knowledge of network, and can preliminarily install, configure and operate operate Cisco Routers, Switches and simple LAN and WAN. CCNA Certification means that the certified personnel have the basic technology and relevant knowledge of networking for the small office / family office (SOHO) market. Professionals who have obtained CCNA Certification can install, configure and run LAN, WAN and Dial Access Services in a small network (100 or less nodes). The protocols they can use include (but not limited to) IP, IGRP, IPX, Serial, Apple, Talk, Frame, Relay, IP RIP, VLAN RIP, Ethernet, Access Lists. Since its establishment, CCNA has changed from the earliest 640-407 to 640-507, and changed to 640-607 at the beginning of this year. Of course, the purpose of the change is to adapt to the changing needs of the market and test the technical level of candidates. Compared with the previous CCNA, The latest CCNA Exam adds the Lab questions. Cisco official pointed out that this time only to change the test number, the knowledge requirements of all the exams are the same as 640-507, and the test site requirements of 640-607 are also published on the official website of Cisco, which is indeed the same as 640-507. Cisco pointed out that the purpose of this move is to reduce the current high CCNA pass rate and improve thedifficulty. The biggest change is the addition of a new question type in the test, namely Simulation. This kind of question will require candidates to actually input corresponding commands on the simulated router control interface according to the question requirements to complete a task. For the mock examination system, click here to access. According to our research results on the 640-607 test, as Cisco said, the test site is still the same as the former, none of the questions are beyond the scope of the outline, the passing score is still 849, and the time is 75 minutes, with a total of 50 questions. In addition, Cisco’s test outline is the most explicit of all IT certification test outlines we have seen, that is, each knowledge point requirement is pointed out to a very small scope, not just a very general and large scope as some other test outlines. At the same time, as Cisco said, there are two Performance-based Simulation questions in the test. Fortunately, due to the limitation of CCNA test outline, these are only some superficial questions, which is roughly equivalent to replacing the questions expressed in the form of selection and filling in the blank in 640-507 with the simulation type, which basically does not constitute an increase in difficulty. Based on confidentiality, we will not publish more detailed examination details here. Generally speaking, the pass rate of 640-607 is lower than that of 640-507, but considering the influence of some objective factors, the actual difficulty is basically the same. It is worth mentioning that the change of the question type actually foreshadowed before. Some time ago, VUE and SYLVANTest Centers were informed to upgrade the microcomputers of the examination workstation, greatly improve the requirements for processor speed and memory size, and update the driver software version of the examination system, All these indicate that a more consuming examination form will be launched soon. The upgrade of Cisco test number does not actually affect the validity period of the obtained certificates, because according to Cisco Certification System, the validity period of CCNA Certification is three years and has nothing to do with the examination, which is different from the certification system in which Microsoft’s certificate is invalidated with the invalidation of the examination.

CCNA – Cisco Certified Network Associate Q & A

Q: What is the meaning of CCNA Certification?

A: It is the lowest level of technical support certification required by Cisco for all Cisco partners. CCNA can install, configure and run Cisco network products with a scale of 1-500 network nodes.

Q: How to obtain CCNA Training and Certification?

A: take the Cisco Routing and Local Switching (CRLS) course offered by Cisco training partner and pass the certification exam managed by Sylvan Examination Center.

Q: Is CCNA required to become a Cisco certified partner?

A: Yes, CCNA is one of the three relatively independent training / certification programs required to become a Cisco senior agent. It is also a basic item in the certification requirements for silver and gold agents.

4 Q: If I have participated in SupportPro training, can I automatically switch to CCNA?

A: No. However, your SuttortPro Certification will be close to the certification requirements of Cisco Senior Agents.

5 Q: If I have participated in SupportPro training, how can I obtain Cisco CCNA Certification?

A: you have probably seen the certification requirements for CCNA, so you can take the certification exam managed by Sylvan ExaminationCenter.

Q: I think I have reached the certification requirements of CCNA level in terms of ability. Moreover, I have attended Cisco Router Configuration (ICRC) and Cisco LAN Switch Configuration (CLSC) training courses. Do I still need to attend CRLS training course?

A: you only need to pass the CCNA Certification Exam managed by Sylvan ExaminationCenter. For any Cisco Professional Certification, if you already have the passing report in the Sylvan Examination Center, you don’t have to attend the training courses at this level.

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