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DHI Hair Transplant: Why This Method Is Demanded Now?

When you are ready to have a hair transplant surgery, you will probably see that there are two major types of operations: DHI and FUE. And many people now say that DHI became one of the best options possible for hair transplanting. Visiting https://www.skhair.co.uk/hair-transplant/dhi-direct-hair-implant/, you will be able to create the best image for yourself.

But first, you need to make sure that you are suitable for the DHI operation, that you have a proper health condition, and know all the major facts about the surgery itself. In this article, we will give you a clear image of the DHI hair transplant. 

DHI Hair Transplant: Why This Method Is Demanded Now?

What Is DHI Hair Transplant?

In fact, this procedure allows you to have your hair transplanted directly from the side of your head to the zone, where it is needed to place healthy follicles. The main point of this surgery is that follicles are being transplanted directly, without any delays, which gives additional ground to know that the operation will be completed successfully. 

The steps are pretty simple:

  1. The doctor chooses the donor part of the head. Everything here depends on the thickness of the hair and density. 
  2. The donor part will be shaved to avoid any possible hair parts getting in your head.
  3. Getting follicles and placing them directly to the required point. 

Everything is simple. However, before completing this operation, you better make sure that your hair is suitable for the surgery. 

How To Know That You Can Use Implanting Services?

In fact, it is not enough to just ask for an operation to be completed. At first, you need to make sure that you have everything that is required for the surgery. And here might come the hardest challenge. The list of necessary factors:

  • 25+. It is important to come for the DHI when you are older than 25. It is because the growth of the hair when you are younger might be really unpredictable, which might cause the failure of the operation, and provide minor issues with taking donor follicles. 
  • Thick hair. Here everything is simple: the thicker your hair, the better the result. Of course, when you have thin hair it would not be a problem, but with a higher diameter of the hair, you can be sure that the operation would be successful.
  • Density. Due to the fact that the operation is a replacement of the hair, you have to make sure that the donor part would be able to provide enough hair for transplanting. For this reason, you will have an equally balanced hairstyle.

In fact, many people are suitable for the operation. Even if you don’t have the best hair thickness and density, you will be able to have the operation.

Why Is That Important To Be Aware Of The Surgery?

When you know everything in advance, it would be easier to choose a suitable way of hair transplanting. These facts give you an opportunity to make up the final decision and see whether the surgery is important for you. 

However, the main thing required is realism. When you know that the parameters of your hair are not the best, you should realize that surgeons would do their best to provide you with the most balanced hairstyle.


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