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Discard your resume to keep your employees

Skill-based interviews by employers are more successful in retaining staff, a survey of 500 UK workers said.

On Applied’s recruitment platform, employees who find employment after a “skill-based” interview process may be hired at the company one year later, compared to employees hired following a traditional CV-led interview process. Was found to be twice as high.

Participating employees were hired between 2017 and 2020, and all secured their roles following a hiring process focused on identifying the specific skills needed to do the job. ..

These were analyzed through work sample tests, structured questions, and cognitive performance tests.

STEMM job does not fit type

A year after starting a new job, 93 percent continued their role. ONS figures show that the UK workforce has a one-year retention rate of 83%. This decreased in the STEMM sector – Science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine. However, these sectors are notorious for being less tolerant, with studies showing that more than 40% of women quit their science jobs after giving birth to their first child.

Doctors, nurses, midwives and primary school teachers all have a one-year retention rate that is higher than the UK average. However, the public sector profession had the highest retention rate.

This study suggests that a skill-based approach more than doubles the chances of retaining staff. Only 7% of hires will retire within a year of the skills-based interview process, compared to 17% across the UK.

The company suggests that while most employers continue to rely on CVs and unstructured interviews to select new hires, they are not accurate predictors of performance and aptitude. increase.

Applied CEO Khyati Sundaram is also an unbiased recruitment expert. She states: “The evidence is clear. People hired based on skills rather than nasty benchmarks such as’cultural suitability’are more likely to stay in that role longer. This is arguably because they are better suited to the job and have the necessary skills to prosper. “

She adds that employers may be able to create a more acceptable environment with skill-based interviews rather than resume interviews, suggesting that this method will be more powerful. team.. : “In an era where employers are rushing to hire and retain staff, companies need to analyze how changes in the interview process can have a positive impact on long-term retention. The days of shuffling CVs around your desk should be left to history because of the traditional hiring method. Skill-based hiring isn’t just more powerful. team, It also boosts Diversity Reduces unconscious prejudice. “

Discard your resume to keep your employees

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