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Do You Need Proxies for Supreme?

To increase your chances of securing the latest releases from Supreme, you should consider getting a proxy. Supreme proxies hide your actual IP address and allow you to access the Supreme website without the restrictions you might otherwise encounter. With the help of these proxies, you can also purchase more limited-edition items with your bot without getting blocked.

Are Supreme Proxies Worth It?

A proxy is not a requirement when you shop at Supreme. However, you stand a better chance of securing more valuable deals on the platform if you pair your bot with a Supreme proxy. The proxies also help if your current location doesn’t have an online Supreme store or you want to purchase several items from one limited-edition release.

You will find a Supreme proxy worth it if you’re an avid collector of skateboarding gear or have a reselling business. A fast and reliable proxy will let buyers breeze past any quantity or location restrictions, which can be annoying and downright damaging for resellers.

When one makes purchases on Supreme, the site will usually flag suspicious activity. Using a bot to speed up buys will definitely count as questionable traffic. When happens then? Supreme will block the IP tied to the bot, making future transactions challenging at best. To prevent this from happening, a buyer needs to pair a bot with a reliable proxy service. Rotating proxies mean that even if an IP receives a ban, another one will just take its place.

Why You Need Supreme Proxies

Now that we have piqued your interest in Supreme proxies, let’s look at what you stand to gain from them.

  • Anonymity

Proxies to shop on Supreme guarantee anonymity whenever you shop for jackets, shoes, and other new releases. Instead of your actual IP address showing up when you browse a Supreme website, the proxy’s IP appears. That means your traffic routes through an intermediary server before reaching Supreme’s website. The IP address “switch” also helps protect your shopping and browsing data from unauthorized parties.

  • Less Scrutiny

It is harder for your bot’s actions to get noticed if you use a Supreme proxy. However, you must find the best proxy to guarantee you superior protection. A residential proxy is the best since it holds an IP address tied to a residence or individual. Repeated and quick bot actions wouldn’t look as genuine if they came from a data center proxy. The less scrutiny your bot gets, the more you are at peace and satisfied.

  • Extra Protection

Supreme proxies also offer extra protection for your details and purchase history. The proxy server is an intermediary between the web and your personal computer. If not careful, you may fall prey to the rampant hackers constantly looking for security loopholes among online shoppers.

The chances of getting your private data stolen on the internet are high. Hackers are always on the lookout for insecure connections. To add an extra protection layer between the hackers and your personal information, you can consider IPRoyal Supreme proxies.

  • Reduced Bans

Supreme is aware of sneaker bots and has specific measures to detect suspicious account activities. For limited editions, every customer can only buy a limited number of pairs. The platform often bans IP addresses that use bots to try and purchase multiple items in the same collection. Supreme proxies help you make many purchases without getting detected since they provide different IP addresses.

How to Pick the Best Supreme Proxies?

Picking the best Supreme proxy for your bot is more than finding the closest server to the store. You must ensure that it gives you fast access to the Supreme website during a drop.

However, Supreme implemented stricter security mechanisms recently that prohibit data center and ISP proxy IPs. Residential proxies are the best, but you must select one from the right location and ensure its speed.


Anybody who wants to purchase multiple pairs of limited jackets and shoes before they are out of stock should consider getting a Supreme proxy. A Supreme bot will not be as effective without a reliable proxy because of the chances of getting flagged. This article has all the information to find the best Supreme proxy for your shopping bot.


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