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Do Your Company Really Need Vulnerability Assessment?

Penetration Testing: A Brief Introduction

Penetration testing means assessing – how vulnerable your IT infrastructure is! This is a third-party test to know the real strength of your system to protect itself from hackers. This testing can help you to find out the loopholes in your company’s IT system. So, it’s a vital part of your IT business and company security.

Why Do You Need Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing?

1) To Build An Improved Cyber Security System

Your company’s IT structure may have many weaknesses. As a result, hackers can easily steal crucial information from your company’s servers. Now, there is only one way to know all these weaknesses.

A PEN testing or penetration testing can reveal all these weak sections in your system. As a result, you can build a better and improved cyber security system for your company.

2) To Update Your Security

Thousands of new threats are born every day. Your firewall or security methods may not know all of them. Your system may not have been updated for a very long time. This will make your digital security truly vulnerable. A vulnerability assessment and penetration testing in Singapore can show you – how vulnerable your system is! In this way, you can update your system and you can enhance your cyber security.

3) To Save You From Catastrophic Losses

Once your servers are hacked, you may not have any option left to recover your data. That’s why you should test your firewalls in various ways. A PEN testing can show you the ways your system can get hacked. Then, it would be easier for you to upgrade your IT security. Therefore, PEN testing can save your data and other digital assets.

4) To Run Your Company Seamlessly

You don’t want a disrupted IT system in your company. You have servers, computers, and hard disks. If any of these pieces of electronic equipment is hacked, then a hacker can take control over the entire office. Penetration testing helps you to build one stringent system security. So that your company never sees the bad day and everything runs smoothly.

How To Choose An Efficient PEN Testing (Cyber Security) Company In Singapore?

1) Experienced

A PEN testing company should have years of experience. The company should know – what to do and how to do. Experience teaches a company highly secret ways to test a system. Hence, you should always hire an experienced cyber security testing company.

2) Registered or Certified

Without certification, a cyber security company can do you more harm. They may not be able to test your system and they may damage your security. A registered vulnerability assessment company does its jobs in a legitimate way. Hence, a certified company is the best choice for PEN testing.

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3) An Incredibly Qualified Team

Only a great team with highly qualified testers can test your IT security flawlessly. A qualified team can test your system just like a hacker. As a result, they can easily point out the vulnerabilities.

Singapore has millions of offices and almost all of them save their data on the company server. So, cyber security is an essential step for all these companies. You don’t want to lose your data. Hence, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing in Singapore are becoming popular. This testing can help your company to make its IT security impenetrable and your company can run efficiently.

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