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Easiest Project Ideas For Newbie DIYers

Who says you need to be a Wiz in order to create something beautiful and practical.  Fortunately, there are a lot of projects that don’t require special expertise and knowledge and that’s what we’re talking about today! Also know all the experienced DIYers were noobs at some point of their life, when you learn the fundamentals of craftsmanship, there is nothing that can hinder you to be a Pro.

So without further ado, let’s untangle the strings of boredom and try some of the amazing and easiest home improvement projects.

1.   Framed chalkboard

Chalkboard paint is still a trendy idea so it’s great to have one stored in your oak floating shelf in case you want to make something funky and useful a day.The project is simplest and does not require tons of tools or experience but only involves two things: chalkboard paint and glass.

2.   Chopping board

A cutting board is a necessity of a kitchen and maple, especially sugar maple or hard maple is the best choice to build a chopping board for a kitchen. Why? Because it is a closed-grain wood and is bacterial resistant and also sturdy enough which means it offers the right amount of hardness allowing you to cut vegetables comfortably.

3.   Cake stand

Presentation is what makes your project stand out! With a custom cake stand you can ensure the presentation is perfect. For a modern and chic look, it comes with an upside-down bowl serving as a base.  The dimensions of the elements involved are adjustable to any size you want.

4.   Hanging wine rack

The hanging wine rack is surprisingly one of the easiest projects, the minimal difficulty combined with the fact that these are quite costly to buy make it even a great DIY project to try for beginners. When you make a hanging wine rack from reclaimed wood, you save even more!

5.   Keyholder

We often search high and low to find the keys for our car, house, or drawers! Why don’t you create something functional this weekend that can keep all keys in one place? Yeah! You guessed it right! If you’ve constantly been losing the keys, creating a key holder from the bent wire is something you should consider doing right away. To make it, you need wire and pliers, then shape the wire the way you like. You can try various shapes or write something like, stay in one place.

6.   Succulent planter from a teacup

Have a few little succulents at home and want some new planters for them! Well, we suggest repurposing some old teacups! They look amazing and perfectly personalize the indoor garden. You can also use spray paint to give them the desired color. This idea is simple and will not take much for execution.

7.   Flower wall art

Faux flowers look a little more artistic when you make a contemporary display for them, not those simple vases but fake flower wall art. It comes with an amazing 3D effect and is super easy to make as well! All you need is paper straws, glue guns, flowers, canvas, and foam board.

8.   Corkboard organizer decorated with plain fabric

Have you ever heard about a corkboard? It has great uses in the home and you can make it super beautiful too? How? Simply cover it with tissue paper or plain fabric!  Once you cover the corkboard with any of them, sprinkle some creativity and add some patterns or colors to the design. It may look super amazing if you opt for a particular art theme!

9.   Turn an old chair into a planter

We love green vibes and never get tired of bringing something useful into the house! Since DIY is all about recycling and repurposing and this project is the perfect example of that! You must have a chair in your house that you hardly use! Pick that one, paint or spray it so it can resist water to some extent? Done? Now, display your favorite planters! It’s an amazing idea that can work out for pretty much every type of chair.

10.  Sparkling wine glasses

We all have seen those cool glittered wine glasses generally displayed at weddings or special events. Why don’t you create your own so you can admire them every day? Bring wine glasses, glitter, a foam brush, acrylic spray, and masking tape to create beautiful glittered wine glasses that you can put anywhere in your home.

11.  Welcome sign for the patio

Do you have an old pallet of wood at home that you may have kept to use for your next DIY projects! Get it as we have some great ideas that you should try right away! Wooden Pallet Welcome Sign with art embedded. You can personalize it the way you like! It is one of the simplest DIY ideas for beginners and looks super cool too.



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