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Escape from Tarkov (EFT) – Different Types of Maps

Are you searching for the various map categories that are available in Escape from Tarkov? If yes, you need to grab proper information about the different maps available in this game. The maps are the primary factor that helps players learn about their exact destinations and where they have to reach. Therefore, if players ignore the various types of maps, they will have trouble reaching their destinations.

Different maps help players reach different places, and accordingly, they plan their paths. Once you learn about the different types of maps available in Escape from Tarkov, it will be easy to use them to get appropriate directions. Furthermore, if you face any problem dealing with any of the maps, you can use an escape from tarkov hacks mainly available for your help.

If you face trouble dealing with various situations, try to grab proper information regarding them to impact your gameplays significantly quickly. Until you don’t grab proper information, then you won’t get that opportunity that can help you to experience safe and secure gameplays without having any trouble in-between. Try to grab more and more details regarding various types of maps available in EFT so that you can experience a wonderful gaming environment.

  1. Interchange Map

This is the largest map in ETF Maps due to many reasons, the first of which is that here a three-story complex is available where up to 14 players can play. Along with this, there are many outside areas at the complex where every player can easily get lost.

This map is very tricky, due to which the player feels very interested while playing, and in fact, it is the most liked map of this game. There are three extraction points through which the player must find a way out of the complex. Any player who goes to the power plant/should have 3000 Rubles in the account. It means if you don’t have enough Rubbles, then you can’t go near the power plant.

  1. Reserve Map

When it comes to the latest map in this game, this is the newest map liked by a lot of players. Inside this map, the player can experience a military base where a train station is also available. The design of this map is unique because as soon as a player plays the game, the train arrives at the station after every 30 minutes.

You get a lot of loot near the train so that not only can you gain a reasonable level, but you can also earn massive points along with it. As soon as you enter this map, you will get to see less dead space, due to which you will always be doing some activity.

  1. Customs Map

Whenever a game becomes popular, there must be some feature behind its success, due to which that game is liked more. Similarly, in Escape from Tarkov, the Costume map is its iconic map, attracting most players to play this game.

There are many reasons to like this map, such as many objectives, various extraction points, and massive loot. In this map, it happens that players spawn from one side and exit from the other side. In the beginning, it doesn’t seem easy, but as you play the game, with the help of some points, you can easily know where you have to go on the map.

  1. Shoreline Map

Another one of the best and the most reputed maps you will find after connecting with Escape from Tarkov is the Shoreline map. It is considered a massive map and helps you to feel like you are shooting on the beach. This map helps you significantly impact your gameplays and allows you to get great guidance while playing EFT.

Usually, people face problems in dealing with the shorelines when they reach the beach, but if they follow this map, they can easily deal with all the problems and greatly impact your entire gameplay. Thus, this map allows you to have a better environment while playing EFT and easily complete beach-related missions.

  1. Factory Map

If you are an EFT player, you might be aware of the factory map, one of the best maps that help you know all those areas that can help you escape from various factories. When players enter any factory, they find major difficulties in dealing with multiple situations, but once they consider the factory map, they can get over all their problems.

Once you grabbed proper info about these maps, it becomes easy for you to learn about all the aspects, which automatically allows you to get out of difficult situations. The more you pay attention to the factory map, the more it will help you have better gameplay experiences.

  1. The Lab Map

In Escape from Tarkov, different missions are there in which you are required to find the maps, and numerous maps are available in EFT. Therefore, when you enter any lab to complete any specific mission, you grab a lab map first so that you can get an idea about the entire route.

Lab map helps you know the significant things kept that you must require for completing this mission. If you pay proper attention to the lab map, you can easily deal with all the problems available in lab-related missions, so try to stay focused on this map for better gameplay experiences.

If you consider the information correctly, it will help you have a significant impact on your knowledge and allow you to properly understand various types of maps involved in Escape from Tarkov. The best part regarding this game is that it provides you a wonderful escape from tarkov hacks that you can use to deal with multiple situations that are out of your control. Of course, try to deal with all the situations on your own so that you don’t depend upon any cheat or hack, but if the situation is totally out of your control, you should take help from the hacks. It will allow you to get out of the problems as soon as possible and help you stay connected with the game for a longer time.

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