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Eurovision 2023 Results – Live: Sweden win Liverpool final after dramatic showdown with Finland

Eurovision 2023: The most iconic outfits from the Grand Final performance

Sweden won Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Final In the song “Tattoo” by Lorene.

The final result was decided in a tense showdown with Finland as the popular vote was temporarily sent. Käärijä and his song “Cha Cha Cha” top the leaderboard.

On the other hand, May Muller, who entered from England, was devastated when her performance of “I Wrote a Song” failed to impress the judges and the public.

This year’s tournament marked the first time in 25 years that the final was held in the UK.Liverpool to host next match 2022 winner Ukraine He said it would not be possible because of the ongoing Russian aggression.

20 finalists participated including Norway, Sweden, Finland and Australia. Eurovision Big 5 Tonight (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, England) and Ukraine.we have also seen Surprise cameo from Kate Middleton!

you can see Here are all the acts who made it to tonight’s finals and their running order.

The final will be broadcast on BBC One. Graham Norton, Hannah Waddingham, Alesha Dixon and Ukrainian singer Julia Sanina will star, with Norton also providing commentary. Great British Bake Off Starring Mel Guidroic.

Muller may not have reached the heights of Sam Ryder, who finished second for Great Britain last year, but bookmakers still see her as a front-runner.you can Read the latest odds here.


It’s a big problem for Britain

It was a real disappointment for May Muller of Great Britain who, despite giving her best, could not match the performances of the sophisticated powerhouses of Sweden, France, Italy and Norway.

Roycin O’connorMay 13, 2023 23:52


And England gives Sweden snooze points!

The jury vote is now all over, with Sweden completely dominating the rest of the leaderboard, with Great Britain trailing by 16 points.

Roycin O’connorMay 13, 2023 23:47


Sweden’s Laurin boasts overwhelming superiority in judging results

Great Britain take four points from Sweden, Laurene still tops the leaderboard!

Participant from Sweden Laurene (Aaron Chung/Pennsylvania)

(PA wire)

Roycin O’connorMay 13, 2023 23:39


“Overwhelmed, darling”

Loreen says she’s in a meditative state after the first wave of jury votes saw her (and the Swede) skyrocket to the top of the leaderboard.

Roycin O’connorMay 13, 2023 23:28


Eurovision 2023: The most iconic outfits from the Grand Final performance

Eurovision 2023: The most iconic outfits from the Grand Final performance

Roycin O’connorMay 13, 2023 23:25


Hannah Waddingham Rebukes Boos!

You may have heard some countries give points to Italy or Israel and the boos heard after the jury scores were announced. Eurovision host and Game of Thrones star Hannah Waddingham didn’t say anything, “Don’t boo!!” She told a live audience in Liverpool:

Roycin O’connorMay 13, 2023 23:18


Eurovision judging results will be announced quickly and richly

Great compliments from Ukraine and Italy for the co-hosting of Eurovision by the UK and Ukraine and for the jury’s vote for each country. But the UK has not had a very good relationship with juries so far…

Roycin O’connorMay 13, 2023 23:12


stop voting

Voting has ended. Again, voting is closed. that’s it. I have no choice but to wait.

Roycin O’connorMay 13, 2023 23:05


A few more images from tonight’s amazing performance

(AFP via Getty Images)

(AFP via Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Roycin O’connorMay 13, 2023 22:57


Sublime performance of The Beatles’ ‘Imagine’ starring Italy’s Mahmood kicks off Liverpool All-Star Show

To be honest, the level of production that goes into Eurovision is simply staggering. After an orchestral version of “Imagine” with Mahmood, Israel’s Netta sings “You Spin Me Right Round” and Iceland’s Daddy Frayer performs a hyper version of Atomic Kitten’s “Whole Again” and Cornelia Jones of Sweden sang “I Turn To” by Mel C. You”. If there was a festival of British pop.

Roycin O’connorMay 13, 2023 22:52

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/mae-muller-ukraine-loreen-sweden-finland-b2338398.html Eurovision 2023 Results – Live: Sweden win Liverpool final after dramatic showdown with Finland

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