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Everything You Need To Know About Emergency Alerts That Will Disable Your Phone In A Few Days – What To Do If You’re Driving

An emergency alert will be sent to BRITS and your phone will be disabled in the next few days. Here’s what to do if you’re driving.

sirens and messages I plan to leave at 3:00 pm on St. George’s Day.April 23, people’s phones will be locked until they confirm the warning.


Here’s what to do if you’re driving when the emergency alarm goes off.Credit: Getty

Sound and vibrate for 10 seconds even if the device is set to silent.

iphone and android 4G and 5G users should acknowledge the alert before continuing to use the device.

The full text of the message reads: “This is a test of Emergency Alert, a new UK government service to warn you if a life-threatening emergency is nearby.

“In a real emergency, follow the instructions in the alert to keep yourself and others safe.”

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“For more information, please visit gov.uk/alerts.

“This is a test. You don’t need to do anything.”

Before using the device again, the phone user can swipe the message away or[OK]must be clicked.

You can opt out of testing by simply turning off emergency alerts or turning off your phone.

the driver is urged me not to pick up the phone If the emergency alarm sounds while you are out.

touch the phone while driving I could see a £200 fine and 6 points on my license.

of highway code It says using a phone while driving is against Rule 149 and could even put the driver in court.

This rule applies to using the device at traffic lights, in traffic jams, and instructing learner drivers.

To avoid legal issues, drivers are asked to stop their vehicle before confirming the message.

Or, other passengers in the car can clear notifications for you.

Emergency alerts are modeled after the current system Japan, Canada, Netherlands and the we.

It is set to alert people to “life-threatening” situations such as floods and wildfires nearby, as well as potential terrorist incidents and civil defense emergencies.

government minister Oliver Dowden “At 3:00 pm next Sunday, we will be conducting a nationwide test of our new emergency alert system.

Getting this system operational means we have an important tool to keep the public safe in a life-threatening emergency.

“It could be the sound that saves your life.”

But domestic violence activists have lashed out at the test, saying it could reveal the location of a victim’s hidden phone.

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Chief Fire Officer Alex Woodman said, “Every tool must be at our disposal and everyone must do their part to keep people safe. The new emergency alert system , which is one way to achieve this.

“For 10 seconds, the National Exam may be inconvenient for some, but the next time you hear it, your life, and that of our emergency services, could be at stake. This is important because there is

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/22067137/emergency-alert-will-override-phone/ Everything You Need To Know About Emergency Alerts That Will Disable Your Phone In A Few Days – What To Do If You’re Driving

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