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Ex-Metropolitan employee jailed for accepting bribes during West End nightlife security |

former Metropolitan Police Department The sergeant faces jail time for accepting bribes, including £7,000 for luxury family trips to Morocco and tickets to exclusive events, while policing bars and nightclubs in London’s West End.

Frank Partridge, 50, was found guilty of four bribery counts by a jury on Wednesday. The jury found that, having worked in Westminster’s licensing department from 2013 to 2015, he had a home renovation, a £1,350 custom monogrammed suit, and a concert ticket to see Metallica in Milan for his mother-in-law’s birthday. It turned out that he responded to such invitations.

The former sergeant was charged with consulting local authorities on applications for licensed facilities and overseeing compliance with the terms of the venue during the trial in Southern Southwark Court. London They said.

Jurors said Partridge, who left the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2016, had a “professional relationship” with West End nightclub and security firm officials, including Cirque Le Soir nightclub owner Ryan Bishti. Instead, I heard that they were building an unfairly intimate relationship.

Prosecutor Philip Evans KC told jurors at the start of the trial, “Because we had someone in our pocket with Frank Partridge’s powers, these relationships directly benefit Frank Partridge and the individual financially.” brought,” he said.

Evans added that former Metropolitan officials “forged and nurtured” relationships with those entrusted with the police “for their own benefit and, by extension, theirs.” He added that there was no “sensible” explanation for why. Partridge told the court he believed his job was “always fair”.

He has been acquitted of further bribery charges, including receiving Manchester United tickets and signed Wayne Rooney shirts, and pleaded guilty to three others early in the case.

Bishti, 43, Anna Ginandez, 46, and Terry Neal, 56, and a man who cannot be named for legal reasons, were each convicted of one bribery charge. rice field. Neil and Ginandez were also acquitted of one bribery charge each. Soraya Henderson and Eamon Mulholland have been cleared of all wrongdoing.

“This is a case of a police officer abusing a position of trust and responsibility for personal gain,” said James Harman, commander of the Metropolitan Police Department’s anti-corruption and abuse unit.

“Frank Partridge was Licensed Sergeant for Central London. Licensing officers across London work with local authorities to ensure the safe and secure operation of some 30,000 pubs and clubs, ensuring the public is safe. is responsible for ensuring that the nighttime economy is enjoyable.

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“What happened here is that Frank Partridge has been motivated by greed and self-interest. , that is corruption and that is why we are pleased to see today’s verdict.”

Partridge will be sentenced on Tuesday, and his convicted co-defendant will be sentenced on September 21.

Debbie Jeffery, Senior Professional Prosecutor for the Special Crimes Division at the Crown Prosecutor’s Office, said, “A person in such a position could receive financial and other damages from those who owned, operated, or were associated with such facilities. It is plainly wrong and illegal to take advantage of it.” He was obliged to take direct enforcement action if necessary. ”

https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2023/jul/12/former-met-officer-jailed-for-taking-bribes-while-policing-west-end-nightlife Ex-Metropolitan employee jailed for accepting bribes during West End nightlife security |

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