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Five best apps to make your life easier

With the gradual advancement of technology, there have been innumerable inventions that have revolutionized the way we live. One of the greatest developments in mobile applications has been in Android and iOS devices. These applications have a purpose, and a few of them have proven to be of immense help in our daily life. This guide will discuss some such applications that have made our life easier.

  • Moovit

Who doesn’t know of ride-sharing and taxi applications like uber, Rapido, Lyft, etc.! They have made traveling so much easier now! With just a few clicks, you can call an uber or a motorbike at your location and travel to any part of the city within seconds.

And, If you rely on public transport, moovit is the best application you can use. This application is excellently designed to detect the presence of all kinds of public transport around you. Not just that, you even get a list of their schedules, live service alerts, and timings! The best part is this application is always updated with the latest news.

  • Google keep

Google keeps the ideal replacement of applications like Evernote or other similar applications. This is, of course, freely available for Android users across the globe. This application can create voice memos, notes, reminders, annotated images, and even sync these notes across devices. You can edit, modify, delete and save each of these later.

Are you wondering why you should use Google keep over other note-making applications? It’s because google keep can help flawlessly integrate with other Google services, and if you are an android user, you must make use of this benefit! Just by using the “Ok, Google ” command, you can launch Google keep and make notes in a few seconds. By simply dictating notes, the voice recognition feature would transcribe your voice.

  • Health and Nutrition Guide & Fitness Calculators

This application is for people trying to maintain their health and keep their diet in check. Suppose you have to calculate every calorie intake of your body; what better application than this one. With this application, you come to know the extra, unwanted calories you intake. If you take suggestions from this application, you might find several useful food items that you are probably missing out on. This application also helps check your BMI and other body measurements at any time of the day.

Besides being physically fit, the My Medadvisor app would be extremely useful if you are under any kind of medication. It’s a top-rated medication management application used and recommended by innumerable people across the globe.

  • Google Drive

Again another extremely useful application for Android and iOS users, Google drive, needs no introduction. Do you ever wonder what would happen if you suddenly lose all your documents from your device? How would you retrieve them? With Google Drive, this is possible.

It’s the best cloud storage where one can store documents and files without any second thoughts. If you already use the various other Google products, give Google Drive a chance. Get rid of all your storage issues by syncing your device to Google Drive and uploading every important file on Google drive. Once you do that, you can retrieve the uploaded files from any corner of the globe.

  • VSCO

For the aesthetic-minded, VSCO is a savior. This application is one of the latest photo and video editing tools in great demand among people. It comes with an uncountable number of filters and effects. Not only is this suitable for experienced photographers and editors, but also amateurs. With this application, you can learn to edit pictures the right way and enhance the overall look of your Instagram account! If you have tried a variety of other editing applications, but none suffice your needs, give VSCO a try.

There are numerous such applications that make our life’s easier. It’s impossible to talk about all of them. However, we have listed the best five applications that a common person can use in their day-to-day life. Not only will they make it easier for you to do the work, thereby time, but they also will give you some peace of mind. 

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