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Five Tips to Get the Very Best Price for Your Used Car Online

With spring on its way, this is often the time when many of us decide that we’re going to upgrade or replace our cars. 2022 seems like this is going to be a good time for it as well. That’s because the motor trade is predicting that prices will remain buoyant this year. So, if you’re planning to take advantage of the opportunity, here are five ways you can try to get a little more for your set of wheels if you want to sell them online.

Take plenty of photos

When you’re trying to attract attention to the car you have for sale, taking a series of high-quality photos is going to be essential. It’s equally important to show the inside as well as the outside so potential buyers can get a full impression of what is on offer. If possible, do this on a bright sunny day because dark or badly-lit images will never show off the car to its best advantage.

Repair those minor scuffs and scratches

Before you even get round to taking the photos, go around the car looking for little scratches in the paintwork as well as parts like door panels or a pesky glovebox catch that may have come away slightly or broken. Then it’s just a question of using a little bit of elbow grease and some cutting compound to deal with the scratches along with a quality epoxy glue to carry out the other repairs. You’ll find this is versatile enough to stick virtually any material you could want including plastic, glass, metal and even leather. It’s also quick and easy to use and promises a really professional job.

Give it a home valet

BMW i3 Steering Wheel And Display” (CC BY 2.0) by Carleasingmadesimpletm

The chances are that most potential buyers, even online, will want to come and have a good look at the car before they finally hand over the money. So give it a thorough cleaning, inside and out, to make sure that it’s looking its best. Pay particular attention to the dashboard and windscreen because, if there’s a test drive, that’s where your potential buyer will be focusing their attention.

Five Tips to Get the Very Best Price for Your Used Car Online.jpg

Dig out the full-service history

There’s always a certain level of mistrust when it comes to buying a used car – who knows how well it has been maintained in the past? In fact, having a full-service history to hand has been found to reduce the car’s value by almost 20%. Even if you don’t have the full history, even a partial one can increase the price you’ll achieve.

Leave yourself some bargaining room

Finally, you can usually expect some haggling before you clinch the sale. So always price the car at the higher end of the range for the particular model and year. If you get it, happy days, and even if you need to drop it slightly you’ll already have bargained for it.

So now you’re ready to get the car into perfect condition for selling. Go for it – and let’s hope it’s snapped up fast!

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