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Flooding in London as Met Office issues weather warning


Ondong It flooded after heavy rain overnight and on Sunday morning.

Around the capital, photos and videos of drivers and pedestrians grappling with deep water caused by heavy rains have been shared online.

The Japan Meteorological Agency shared a link to the government website and issued the following statement:

“Further localized inland flooding is possible in parts of south-west England late Monday and early Tuesday.”

There were problems with the transport network, including the temporary closure of Dagenham Heathway station due to flooding.

Parts of London such as Brent, Haringay and Lewisham have seen flooding.

Adam Hartley shared a photo on Twitter of a view of Haringey roads where the water is deep and causing problems for local traffic.

He told Standard: So every time it rains, leaves and dirt run down the hills and block the road drainage.

“I’m lucky. I’m (reasonably) young, healthy, and capable enough to put on my boots and walk through the debris of today’s floods.”

He added that Haringey Council had been contacted about the clogged drain problem, but could not be reached outside of business hours.・I got in touch with Joggy.

Jogee tweeted: “There needs to be a broader dialogue with government and environmental agencies about the impact of climate change on Victoria’s sewage and drainage infrastructure and giving local government resources to support residents.”

Hackney Mayor Philip Granville posted on Twitter that the local government had targeted areas such as the A10 to mitigate the effects of flooding from heavy rain seen overnight.

Residents have complained about flooding at Brent’s mall and called for long-term measures to prevent it from continuing to happen.

Kew Green also reported flooding.

Heavy rains are expected over the next week for much of south-east England, with a yellow weather warning in effect indicating that heavy rains may flood homes.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned that prolonged heavy rains could lead to flooding of homes and businesses and affect public transport in an area stretching from Chichester, West Sussex, to Canterbury, Kent.

Forecasters say rain is expected to pick up in the south-east of England in the morning and clear up in the afternoon on Sunday.

A Meteorological Office spokesman said: “In the south and south-east of England we have seen very heavy rain bands moving quite slowly.

“It will be followed by heavy showers and occasional thunder, so it will be a rainy day.”

Over the north-east Midlands and north-east England, fog slowly cleared, showers and thunder threatened, mainly to the west.

Monday will be rainy and cloudy, mostly in the west, then “very windy” and brighter in the east, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Heavy rain is forecast to return overnight through Tuesday, with partly sunny and rainy days on Wednesday, but more rain is expected in the northwest on Thursday, albeit with strong winds. expected to be calm. Flooding in London as Met Office issues weather warning

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