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For anti-monarchists, Charles’ coronation is proof of the end of the monarchy

While some Britons were buying royal paraphernalia and cooking for street parties in preparation for Charles III’s coronation, the 21-year-old student in the northern city of Leeds instead said, “No more royals.” I ordered 50 beach balls with the word “Zu” written on them.

The plan is to throw them out at a protest to be held in central London’s Trafalgar Square on Saturday, organized by the Republic, a group representing Britain’s anti-monarchist movement, whose members will be energized by their coronation. It is said that it has obtained

Student Imogen McBeeth said in an interview, “Coronations do a lot for the movement just by being ‘absolutely ridiculous.'”

During the events surrounding the death of Queen Elizabeth II last year, the British republican movement placed low, be wary of appearing insensitive in times of mourning. But when attention was turned to the royal family again, anti-monarchists in the republic, with thousands of members ranging from teens to his 90s, adopted a new strategy.

They said at least 1,000 people attended Saturday’s protest, dressed in yellow and holding banners chanting “Not my king.” I aspire to the coronation of King Charles as proof of the absurdity of having a monarchy.

“They put a bright gold crown on his head in the Christian church.,” Matt Turnbull, a 35-year-old Republic member from London who was planning to join the protest, said in an interview. “Look at it and accept that something about this feels strange in 2023.”

Turnbull said he expected his stomach to turn at the coronation, but it was also nice to know that he wasn’t the only one feeling that way. ‘ he said.

Charles’ seemingly less popular than his mother, Elizabeth, also raises hopes of anti-monarchists. Poll by YouGov A survey commissioned by the BBC said they preferred a monarch to an elected head of state, but only 32% of people between the ages of 18 and 22 supported the idea, suggesting change is underway. It also suggests that there is a possibility

Oxford University student Liz Posnet, 19, who uses the pronouns they/them, said the monarchy and its colonial legacy are outdated symbols of modern multicultural Britain.

“British identity could come from a better place than an unelected king,” they said. They will help you.”

They and Mx. McBeath, who also uses their/them pronouns, said he once showed disdain for the monarchy by sneaking into the king’s bed at Windsor Castle. Protest after reading Prince Harry’s autobiography.

They said the coronation would be an important moment to underscore the idea that the only reason Charles had a devotional party and holiday was that he was born into the right family.

“I think the pomp and ceremony of a crowned king feels like a slap in the face of a struggling person,” Mx said. Posnet.

After the coronation organizers called on millions of Britons to take oaths of honor to the monarch and his descendants, drew sharp criticism from many quarters — A friend of Mx. McBeath’s wrote another promise. “It is not democracy to swear allegiance to someone and all their children,” said Mx. Macbeth.

Another pledge reads, “I pledge allegiance to the living planet and its people. No nation-states or monarchs. I stand for the values ​​of democracy, solidarity, justice, peace and love.”

Max. McBeeth said he plans to attend the protests in Trafalgar Square on Saturday to hear, sing and recite speeches.

“My goal is to have more fun than all the monarchists around me,” they said.

https://www.nytimes.com/2023/05/06/world/europe/charles-coronation-antimonarchists.html For anti-monarchists, Charles’ coronation is proof of the end of the monarchy

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