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Fun Horror-Themed Games You Should Check Out on Slot Sites

There are countless online slot games on the internet, available at dozens of online casino websites. The realm of online slot games covers just about every genre that comes to mind, ranging from Japanese anime and TV shows to comics, books, movies, and history. 

If you’re a huge fan of sci-fi and horror, you’d be pleased to know that there are hundreds, even thousands, of horror-themed slot games that you can play for hours. Horror is quite popular among slot players, which is the main reason why there are so many different horror-themed online slots. 

Since going through all the existing slot sites is way too time-consuming and tedious, here are our top picks of the best, most exciting horror-themed online slot games you should check out.

Lost Vegas 

Do you love the good old combo of zombies and action? If you do, Lost Vegas is the online slot for you. Zombies are the core element of every good classic horror action movie. Well, they are the main stars in this slot game. 

You have two options – you either play with reels featuring zombies or regular humans. We know which one you’re picking even without saying, so hit the spin and let the good times roll. 

Try to lock as many game features and bonuses as possible to get the goodies, such as Zombie Fist of Cash and Blackout Bonus. If you’re looking for this online slot and other games like it, play horror-themed online slots on Mega Casino UK

Blood Suckers 1 & 2

Vampires are quite popular among horror fans. That means one thing and one thing only – a vampire-themed slot game sounds like fun to all who are after top-class, stone-cold online slot classics. 

Blood Suckers will get you revamped without any doubt. This online slot is a real feast for the senses. Tons of bonuses, plenty of fantastic, player-friendly features, and easily achievable bonus wagering requirements are just some of the perks of this tremendous horror-themed slot game. 

However, we love it because of the chance to win two bonus games. The trick is to gather small wins to unlock the big achievement in this bloody game of the undead.


There’s no horror movie without the greatest horror movies franchise of them all – Halloween and the nightmarish but so iconic character of the world’s most famous knife slasher – Mr. Michael Myers. If you haven’t spent numerous sleepless nights having nightmares because of this movie, you can’t say you’re a real horror fan. 

Based on one of the most iconic and legendary horror movies from the 70s, Halloween is a fantastic horror-themed slot game that offers major prizes, bonuses, and rewards right next to the most exciting gameplay. 

There’s also a bonus game called Boogeyman where you embark on the adventure to search for treasure and cash prizes, all the while being chased by the one and only.

Wicked Circus

The world of online slots never sleeps and not without a good reason – creepy clowns can be so frightening that we’re lost for words. Well, no horror fan can deny the popularity of evil clowns, and there are so many classics where the clown plays the main role. 

Wicked Circus is a horror-themed slot game with a sinister-looking joker in the main role. Yes, you’ve read it correctly. No matter how evil they may be or how scary they may look, when you summon three of them, you’ll be presented with a mystery bonus of up to 6,000 coins. The game’s audio and video aspects are incredible and make the game even more enjoyable.


Dracula is the king of horrors, the ruler of the night, and the ever-lasting vampire who forever rules the eternally dark kingdom of the undead. The Dracula slot game pays tribute to the classic horror screen adaptation from 1931. 

The brooding king of vampires is always watching you while you spin the reels, occasionally transforming into a swarm of bloodthirsty bats. The bats circle the reels, adding clusters of a particular symbol to unlock more bonuses and rewards. You can find more information on a 1931 Dracula movie, go here to read more

Full Moon Fortunes

Where there are vampires, there are werewolves as well. Well, Full Moon Fortune favors the werewolf. Each full moon sees the hero transforming into a giant werewolf. When that happens, the player gets the option to unlock new features, bonuses, etc. There are free spins with multipliers and a bonus game where you can discover worthy cash prizes by picking headstones.


There you have it, our top picks of the best horror-themed online slots that every horror fan should try. Give these games a good spin, unlock new features, receive bonuses and free rides, and experience the joy of splicing together your favorite movies and games.

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