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GambleAware Raises Awareness with Novel Campaign Targeting Women

If you have been around in the iGaming space, you will be aware of the independent organisation, GambleAware. The said NGO has helped thousands of gamblers fight their addictions and also educate new players on how to practice safe gambling habits.

Gambling has always been perceived to be an activity solely enjoyed by men. Perhaps the notion came about due to them having a disposable income to spend as they please. But, as with most entertainment, gambling also comes with its own set of issues leading to financial ruin among many.

As preventive measures are way more effective in these circumstances, the organisation is conducting regular research to stay up to date with any developments in the area. And, in recent times, GambleAware has noticed a new trend among players in the online gambling environment which led them to conduct several kinds of research and release a new campaign to tackle the issue.

This first of its kind campaign will also feature information and services for women already suffering from problem gambling. This includes how to recognise the signs when it’s time to quit and ask for help, as well as recommendations for where to seek specialist advice. A campaign like this will hopefully raise awareness to what seems to be a rising problem amongst women. While it is true that responsible gambling should know no gender, it is good to understand that women may fall victim to this addiction just as much as men.

GambleAware Research on Women Gamblers

The research that is now backed by statistical data shows that women are highly likely to partake in online gambling from December to March of every year. The report shows that there is a 29% jump in female activity during these months on gambling websites catered more towards women.

There has also been data collected from the GambleAware website which showed that the number of women getting treated for gambling addictions has doubled in the last five years. The numbers have gone up from 1,134 in 2015/16 to 2,424 in 2020/21. This data is even more alarming when you take in the fact that 39% of women do not seek any help for their gambling issues due to perceived stigma.

GambleAware seeks to change this mindset among women and have them speak up on this issue so that they can address it and try to help out the individuals facing gambling problems. In November of 2021, they had also made headlines by awarding a £250,000 grant to conduct research into the first-hand experiences women have faced with gambling along with how it affected other people in their lives from an expert point of view.

First-Ever Women’s Campaign by GambleAware

As the number of online casinos popping up does not seem to be slowing down, this is a dire issue that needs to be addressed especially since a lot of these casinos are made as accessible as possible.All of this led Zoe Osmund, GambleAware CEO, to release the very first campaign addressing women and gambling.

The campaign is accompanied by a 30-second advert depicting a woman so engrossed in gambling on her phone that she is unaware of all the extravagant circus tricks her family is performing around her to get her attention. Along with this, there is also a 4-minute video released, where TV presenter Angellica Bell discusses the effects of gambling addiction on women with experts in the field as well as with former female gamblers.

The short yet powerful videos can be found on the GambleAware website for everyone to access along with more in-depth versions of the gambling stories of the individuals. Over there, you can also access several tools to calculate your spending habits as well as get a list of signs to look out for in relation to gambling.


To ensure that the campaign reaches its targeted audience during peak time, the advert will be broadcasted until March across TV, BVOD, social and digital channels. GambleAware provides its services in a very accessible manner across England, Scotland, and Wales in partnership with the top healthcare organisations of the areas.



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