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Green Energy Helps Price, Safety and Sustainability, Ofgem Boss Says

wind turbine Solar panels have become the cheapest, greenest, and safest energy available to homes around the world. UK Regulatory Bosses Amid Massive Global Fossil Fuel Crisis off gem Said.

Jonathan Brearley said the three priorities of affordability, safety and sustainability are now more than ever mutually exclusive, rather than mutually exclusive.

“Energy Crisis and War Ukraine Ensuring the need for energy self-sufficiency and a transition to net zero. London on monday.

For me this is a live experiment on how the future works

Jonathan Breary, Ofgem

“And the sooner we get there, the better it will be for our customers.”

He said the recent big gas price hike has pushed down the relative cost of low-carbon electricity.

“The economy has changed forever as renewables and low-carbon generation become the cheapest form of energy. That energy will not only be the most sustainable, but also the cheapest and safest option.” he added.

But Brearley also said urgent changes are needed to facilitate the system he wants to build.

Planning to reform and change the mechanics of the grid, which should go hand in hand with regulatory changes, could reduce the time it takes to build a new transmission project by up to three years, he said. told to

Brearley also welcomed innovative new initiatives such as the recently launched Demand Flexibility Service. This pays homes and businesses not to use electricity during certain hours.

This scheme will help reduce strain on the power grid and potentially reduce the risk of blackouts.

“For me, this is a live experiment on how the future will work, born out of necessity, born out of the current situation, but with the potential to be one of the things I look at when developing a service. and the system of the future,” he said.

https://www.independent.co.uk/climate-change/news/green-energy-ofgem-wind-turbines-britain-london-b2229769.html Green Energy Helps Price, Safety and Sustainability, Ofgem Boss Says

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