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Greenhouse Shelving – Ideas and Tips

Upon implementing a greenhouse in your spacious or semi-spacious garden, you’ll have to consider the best shelving for a greenhouse. Shelves for flowers, potting, and storing tools are essential because they will make up the most of your greenhouse space.

In this text, we’ll present you with the five top creative ideas and tips to consider for your greenhouse instalment.

The five top ideas and tips for greenhouse shelving

Here are the five crucial tips and ideas for a proper shelving instalment to your greenhouse:

Organise the space where you plan to place your shelves

If you have a spacious greenhouse, you can always split it into a couple of separate areas to make the most of your space and make it practical/functional. A great idea would be to draw a diagram and map the slots you want to install the shelves (storing tools, holding plants, holding watering gear, and a worktop space).

Opt for shelves with stages

Shelves with stages give your flowers and plants enough space to grow while giving your greenhouse a tidy look. Staging shelves are a long-lasting and reliable solution for storage, and if you want better air circulation, try implementing perforated shelves.

Think about a bench or a shelf for potting

When you get drawn into gardening, you’ll undoubtedly need a special place for potting, which makes potting areas an essential accessory to your greenhouse. Shelves for potting should be easy to assemble and heavy-duty.

Implement a shelf kit

Shelf kits are very easily installable, but there are a couple of steps to follow when installing one. First of all, make sure you choose a heavy-duty, durable, and lightweight shelf. Usually, these shelves will come along with all the necessary grommets and supports, so you don’t have to buy additional instalments.

For flower pots, always choose aluminium shelves

Indeed, your greenhouse will be full of flowers, and there’s nothing more ideal for storing them than aluminium shelves. Don’t keep your flowerpots on the ground as it will take up a lot of space. Keeping your flower pots on aluminium shelves will not only make up the most of your greenhouse space, but it will provide your flowers with more light.

Final thoughts

There you have it. As you can see, these five essential tips and tricks for your greenhouse shelving will provide you with additional space and make your shelving implementation a walk in the park. Don’t be lazy to do your research before instalment – it will save you both time and effort. Good luck!


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