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Harper claims government blocked rail strike settlement ‘absolutely untrue’

Transportation Secretary Mark Harper said railroad union bosses’ claims that the government was preventing the ongoing rail strike from being resolved were “absolutely not true.”

This comes as industrial action against the country’s railroads resumes on Tuesday, as both government and trade union leaders face mounting pressure to strike a deal. Network Rail’s Rail, members of the Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) and 14 rail operators, starting today he is on a 48-hour strike. They will go on his 48-hour strike for the second time since Friday.

Meanwhile, Thursday’s strike by Athlef union drivers affects 15 operators.

A series of actions make this week the worst railroad outage week in 30 years.

Commenting on the ongoing turmoil, Harper urged the union to “go around the negotiating table.”

The Secretary of Transportation said:

Asked about RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch’s allegations that the government is blocking the settlement, the transportation secretary said. sky newsIn fact, since I became Secretary of Transportation a few months ago, I have met with all the union leaders. He said it would help promote the Lord… It’s a railroad operator, Network Rail, who works around the table.”

“I have confirmed that there are new and improved offers offered to union members, which is why the two unions have settled with Network Rail.”

Lynch has previously warned of an “unprecedented level of ministerial interference” in negotiations, which he claims is aimed at “deterring unions’ attempts to reach a negotiated settlement with the railroad companies.” did.

He accused the government of “preventing railroad employers from negotiating a range of measures so that this controversy could be resolved.”

Athlef General Secretary Mike Whelan has also accused the government of impeding progress in negotiations.he said sky news: “Railway companies say their hands are tied by the government. Governments that don’t employ us say it’s up to the companies to negotiate with us.”

“We are always happy to negotiate. We never refuse to sit at the table and talk, but these companies have offered us nothing. That is unacceptable.”

The government is now concerned that millions of passengers will avoid railroads altogether because of labor unrest.

government sources said Times: “This is self-harm. Generations of passengers will just write off the railroad. We are talking about permanent scarring.”

https://www.politics.co.uk/news/2023/01/03/claim-that-government-is-blocking-rail-strike-settlement-absolutely-isnt-true-insists-harper/ Harper claims government blocked rail strike settlement ‘absolutely untrue’

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