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Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is accused of feeding locals ‘sarcastic’ sweetener to build a property

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint has used an “ironic device” to offer free land to build a controversial “ecovillage” on his controversial country estate. accused of using

  • Rupert Grint, 34, was accused of serving sweeteners to please locals
  • The Harry Potter star is about to build nine homes on her Hertfordshire estate.
  • Some praise the plan, others worry about the fate of the 32 trees

Harry potter actor, Rupert Grintwas accused of using a ‘cynic device’ to offer free land Builds a controversial new village on his Hertfordshire estate.

Star known for playing Ron Weasley in . J.K. Rowlingseries, he plans to build nine homes on his £5.4m Kimpton Grange estate.

Despite his praise for the sustainability of his so-called ‘ecovillages’, After a welcome from a local elementary school, some locals accused Grint of trying to persuade themselves with a giveaway.

Villagers were said to have been offered a “gift” of land if their property returned to the estate.

One of the opponents, John Pepper, wrote on the North Hertfordshire Council’s planning application portal:

Rupert Grint, 34, is accused of offering land to neighbors as a ‘cynical device’ to sway decisions on plans to build homes

Dahlia Wyatt is a neighbor who could be “gifted with a little garden” if the plan goes ahead.

However, she expresses strong opposition to the proposal, and if the plan goes forward, the fate of the 32 trees will be questioned.

she wrote: I was horrified by the plan to present a new perspective.

“I have serious concerns about the promise of land being given to local authorities for nature reserves. If so, I am really concerned that some of this land may be used for housing or for sale in the future.

Six apartments (5 of which have 2 beds and a larger 3 beds) can also be converted from the existing 34-year-old manor house.

Mr Grint purchased the estate at Kimpton Grange near Hitchin, Hertfordshire for £5.4m in 2009 but is believed to have never lived there as it required renovation.

He attempted to sell 13,000 square feet of land for £6 million in 2018, but he is still the registered owner on the Land Register.

Mr Grint purchased the Kimpton Grange estate near Hitchin, Hertfordshire for £5.4m in 2009.

Mr Grint purchased the Kimpton Grange estate near Hitchin, Hertfordshire for £5.4m in 2009.

The proposed house will be equipped with heat pumps to harness natural energy, and solar panels will generate electricity.

It seems that rainwater will also be collected and stored in the tank under the site.

Clear Architects, who presented the plans to the North Hertfordshire Council on Grint’s behalf earlier this year, said:

“Given that the UK is in a climate change emergency, having a highly engineered test case within the district will allow the Council to take action in the early stages before obtaining planning permits for the greater good of the environment. We can show you how to design sustainability into your projects.’

But Telegraph The Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust also reported opposition to the scheme.

Matt Dodds, planning and biodiversity manager at the Trust, said: “Applications should provide full biodiversity, not indicators.

“This must prove all habitat and condition assessments for it to be accepted. No decisions should be made without this information.”

A representative for Rupert Grint has been reached for comment.


https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11573269/Harry-Potter-star-Rupert-Grint-accused-giving-cynical-sweetener-locals-build-estate.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490&ito=1490 Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is accused of feeding locals ‘sarcastic’ sweetener to build a property

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