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Harry Styles ‘always on guard’ after star’s infatuated stalker broke into London home

Harry Styles ‘always on alert’ after pop star’s infatuated stalker broke into his home

  • Stalker Pablo Orero Taragaza, 29, broke into Harry Styles’ London home
  • Wood Green Crown Court heard that the stalker had to be kicked out of the house.
  • Orero has a restraining order after being found guilty of Styles stalking in 2019

harry styles He is “always off guard” and fears being chased by a stalker who has broken into the planet. London Home when Stiles was home.

Stalker Pablo Orello Taragaza, 29, broke into the property of Harry Styles’ home in February after being mistaken for a delivery man.

She then broke into the house and fought construction workers while the As It Was singer was on the second floor.

Woodgreen Criminal Court heard that the stalker was eventually kicked out of the house after having to be “pushed” through the wall.

Orero previously pleaded guilty to violating a restraining order in 2019 after being convicted of stalking.

Pablo Tarazaga Orello, 26 (pictured outside Hendon Magistrates’ Court in North West London, October 2019) sneaked into the singer’s house and ambushed him while he was jogging.

The judge said the stalker caused Harry Styles to

The judge said the stalker caused Harry Styles to “cause a great deal of anxiety and is always on guard wherever he goes.”

Pablo Oreo Tarazaga, better known as Kimberly Orero, was detained under the Mental Health Act during his sentencing hearing. mirror report.

Harry Styles met a stalker at a bus stop in 2019 and believed she was homeless and offered to help her.

After that, Orero appeared outside the house multiple times, grabbed Stiles while he was jogging, and demanded money.

Prosecutor Philip McGee said Orero rang a bell at the star’s home when building work was underway.

The designer, believing it to be the delivery driver, allowed her in. The stalker was able to push the designer away and break in.

Workers who saw her behaving in a “threatening manner” cornered her and tackled her with a “bear hug.”

Orello repeatedly shouted Stiles’ name as she was dragged away, but the singer recognized her and called the police.

Advocate Aza Brown said, “She was in a way desperate for help and was suffering from extreme loneliness.

She added that Orero was “clearly in a very fragile state of mind”.

David Aaronburg KC Judge said:

He added that Orello was evaluated by two psychiatrists and diagnosed with the disorder.

One charge of general assault and vandalism was ordered to the record, and a charge of using force to secure a break-in was dismissed.


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