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Has Vaping Helped Many People in the UK Quit Smoking?

Tobacco smoking in the UK is very prevalent – in 2021,  almost 15% of British citizens  18 years old or older were active smokers. At first, it may not sound like much, but in this case, 15% means that almost 7 million people are poisoning themselves with carcinogens on a daily basis. According to the data released by the  National Health Service,  there were over 500,000 smoking-related admittances to the hospital in 2020 alone, a number almost 10% higher than a decade before. Out of those 7 million smokers, almost 75 thousand people died.

Fortunately, every year more and more people in the United Kingdom decide to forgo cigarettes altogether or choose safer alternatives. Sadly, some of the methods, such as quitting cold turkey, can be quite harsh on the user. Others, such as nicotine patches, can be quite cumbersome and lead to increased dry skin issues.

There is, however, a much more convenient way to quit smoking traditional tobacco products, one that even the  British government endorses.  In a moment, we’ll explain why vaping is such a common smoking cessation method.

Understanding The Vaping

Vaping is, in short, the process of using a vape pen to heat up a special e-liquid stored inside of it and inhaling the aerosol that is created in the process. Unlike in the case of traditional tobacco products, the active substances are not burned but merely strongly warmed up. As such, no harmful smoke is created.To start vaping, two things mentioned above are required – a vape pen and an e-liquid.

The vape pen, otherwise known as an electronic cigarette, is a small device consisting of a few important components. In its simplest form, the e-cig requires a tank to store the liquid, a coil to properly heat up the mixture you pour inside the tank as well as an integrated battery to power the entire device. Of course, more demanding users can decide on a model with numerous additional features, such as a small LCD display, temperature and voltage options, and even integrated Bluetooth connectivity. You can read more about vaping equipment at  vapekit.co.uk.

As amazing as these devices can get, they won’t function properly without an e-liquid. In simple terms, e-liquids are special mixtures of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin base and water. Products that are marketed at smokers tend to have varying amounts of nicotine added to them, ranging from levels higher than cigarettes to barely noticeable. What’s more, unlike traditional tobacco products, e-liquids come in a wide variety of flavours, from homely to exotic.

Why More And More British People Decide To Quit Smoking By Vaping?

According to the  study  funded by Cancer Research UK, up to 70,000 UK citizens decided to quit smoking tobacco in 2017 solely because of the availability of electronic cigarettes. That is certainly a huge number, especially if you take into account almost 77,000 smoking-related deaths reported in 2018.

You may wonder what exactly prompts people to quit smoking through vaping? After all, it seems improbable that 70000 people suddenly decided on a whim that electronic cigarettes are the way to go. Let us consider some of the benefits vaping has over  smoking traditional tobacco  counterparts to understand the process better.

Vaping Liquids Can Significantly Vary In Nicotine Content

The first and most important point worth mentioning is the wide range of nicotine content vaping liquids have. Just as a reminder, nicotine is a substance found in tobacco products that has been proven to be addictive. That being said, vapers can choose from a variety of strengths. At the very end of the spectrum, there are e-liquids with almost no nicotine added to them. These can be used by people who want to satisfy their nicotine crave, but don’t want to give their bodies more nicotine than absolutely necessary. After some time, they can go even one step further and choose e-liquids with no nicotine content whatsoever.

On the other hand, there are e-liquids with very high nicotine content. This option is perfect for people who want to quit smoking but have been addicted for years, and their massive nicotine tolerance reflects that. By slowly decreasing the nicotine content of their e-liquids, they will gradually lower said tolerance without initially shocking their bodies.

E-Cigarettes Are Non-Odorous

One of the biggest pros of vaping is the fact that the odour it produces is non-existent or, at least, almost unnoticeable.

This is a big deal, especially for people who work in enclosed spaces, such as offices. No one wants to be forced to sit in a room with a smoker, but it is an unfortunately common occurrence. Vaping solves this issue, with much fewer people being annoyed because of the smell of fruit or candy.

Vaping Is Less Expensive Than Smoking

Vaping is much more affordable than smoking, especially when you factor in the long-term costs. A bottle of quality e-liquid can easily last an average smoker a week, while the price of the cheapest pack of cigarettes can  almost reach up to £10  in some areas. Nothing is more frustrating than spending a great deal of money on a product that can slowly kill you.


Quitting smoking tobacco products is not an easy task.  Smoking is known to be addictive  both physically and mentally, and yet more and more UK citizens decide to finally rid their bodies of nicotine dependency by vaping. As a quitting tool, vaping is not only safer but also much more convenient, so if you’re a smoker, why not give it a try and say goodbye to carcinogens and bad smells?

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