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Heathrow flight delayed to ‘ensure silence’ during Queen’s coffin procession


Yslow Flights to the airport will be delayed so as not to disturb the Queen’s coffin procession on Wednesday.

West London In a statement, the airport said it would “out of respect” and “make appropriate changes to its operations” during the period of mourning.

This includes “interruption of flights to ensure silence in central London as the ceremonial procession departs” on Wednesdays from 1:50pm to 3:40pm. Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall.”

The airport added: “Passengers will be notified directly by the airline of any flight changes.

“We anticipate further changes to Operation Heathrow on Monday 19 September, when Her Majesty The Queen’s funeral is scheduled to take place, and will provide further details in the coming days.

“We apologize for any confusion these changes may have caused as we strive to minimize the impact on future events.”

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/heathrow-flights-delayed-cancelled-today-wednesday-queen-funeral-procession-coffin-b1025525.html Heathrow flight delayed to ‘ensure silence’ during Queen’s coffin procession

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