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High Scores – The Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History.


When we talk about millionaire prizes won in iGaming, slots are usually the first game that comes to mind. However, some extremely – and we do emphasize ’extremely’ – lucky punters managed to bring home lottery-like prizes. Come with us and learn their stories.

High Risks and High Prizes

There are different elements to betting and games of chance. For example, sports betting can’t be considered a game of sheer luck since there are several ways of hedging the bets. There are loads of stats, analysis, in-depth interviews and exclusive news and much more online for punters to read up on to help improve their potential of breaking even or perhaps winning. Information about the odds on matches, players, teams and participants can be found easily and quickly on sites like the online casino NetBet gaming platform as a good starting point. 

The Luckiest Ones

If you also buy the notion that sports betting doesn’t award big prizes – although it has to be said that wins such as those mentioned below are as rare as hens’ teeth – think again. The five cases below are about to prove you wrong.

#5 – James Adducci – Golf

James Adducci won $1.2 million for betting that Tiger Woods would win the 2019 golf championship. Betting on Tiger Woods may not sound so bold, but Adducci risked $85,000 on him in a moment when Woods was about a decade without winning a major competition. 

#4 – Steve Whitley – Horse Racing

When Mr. Whitley, by then a heating engineer, placed a humble £2 bet, he couldn’t imagine he would bring £1.45 million home. The jaw-dropping sum was awarded after Mr Whitley predicted the position of six horses. One of them was 28 without winning. The impressive feat happened at the Exeter Tote Jackpot. 

#3 – Vegas Dave – Baseball

In 2015, Vegas Dave placed a bold $140,000 bet on the Kansas City Royals. On occasion, he believed the team would win the world series. He turned out to be correct and won $2.5 million. He also scored another astonishing prize when he risked $20,000 on Ronda Rousey getting beaten by Holly Holm. Here, the prize was $200,000. 

#2 – Billy Walters – American Football

Billy Walters was already a famous poker player when he decided to venture into sports betting. Used to high stakes, Walters placed a $3.5 million bet on a Super Bowl match, seeing New Orleans Saints against the Indianapolis Colts. 

The move looks even bolder when we consider that he was betting on the underdog, New Orleans Saints. The Saints have never won a Super Bowl until that year. No one knows how much Walters won, but it must have been an awful lot. 

#1 – Unknown – Baseball

The highest pot on record was awarded to a person who decided to remain anonymous. Anyway, this extremely lucky being pocket $14 million, after guessing the outcome of the match of L.A. Dodgers and Houston Astros, in 2017. Although the winner opted to remain unknown, there are rumours that the winner is young and Eastern European. 


In sports betting, high winnings typically mean high bets in the first place. The most successful punters risked massive amounts of money on the underdogs. Was it money bet that they could afford to lose? We’ll probably never know.

Cases like our fourth example, the horse racing enthusiast who bet £2 to eventually win £1.45 million back are so rare as to hardly ever happen, but when they do they always make the headlines. 

Big money is usually hidden under even bigger risks. The reader will notice that the most successful bets on this list rowed decidedly against the tide. It’s a risky strategy though, and it isn’t one you want to use inadvertently, because the bookies ALWAYS know best, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to remain in business. 

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