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Hookah Tips for better Use

Want to use a hookah correctly, then read on below

 No more air leakage

There are two common places where air often leaks. Where the head and pipe attachments. You need to ensure the pipe and head tightly fit into their respective areas and the pipe doesn’t have any holes. If the pipe or head doesn’t fit, you can go and buy grummets.

What if you are on a tight budget?

Don’t stress, there is a solution. You can use a long and slightly damp tissue paper or cling wrap then roll it around the pipe.

When there is air leakage, it causes a weaker pull when inhaling from the pipe, and this can make it uncomfortable or uneasy because you will need more effort.

The smoke generated can also get lost due to the holes, and this reduces the quality of your smoke.

Avoid crowding coals

When you keep the coals too close to each other, it is going to generate thick smoke for the first couple of minutes, but during the next half hour or more, it is going to burn the tobacco too much and too soon, and this can shorten your smoking session.

In order to deal with this problem, start by keeping the coals close for the first five minutes so that the hookah is heated, then keep the coals far. Your tobacco is going to be heated enough to a point where the hookah gets going and then moving the coals so that the heat is maintained. This hookah lounge London will help you to enjoy the best experience.

Experimenting with a heat management device

One of the most popular brands in this space is Kaloud, and it allows you to save on foil, time, and the trouble of having to learn how to poke holes.

It has a thick steel structure that ensures the tobacco doesn’t burn too quickly, which makes your smoking sessions last longer. It is a good idea to use Phunnel Bowl for this one.

Don’t press, sprinkle!

When you prepare the shisha head or bowl with tobacco after you have taken to tobacco out of the packaging make sure there are no chunks. The goal here is to allow all air to pass through as much of your tobacco as possible instead of the heat just heating the top layer of your tobacco.

If you want to achieve this, make sure you don’t press the tobacco into the bowl, just sprinkle it around because it is going to maximize space for airflow. This is going to increase your session and smoothen it when inhaling from your pipe.

Pro-Tip: After five to ten minutes, lightly blow into your pipe so it reduces the trapped air within the hookah bowl. This will prevent tobacco from burning fast. The blowing is eased by the flavor that is sprinkled and not clogged.

Using the right coals

Coal is what heats the tobacco so it generates the smoke.

If the coal is what is producing the smell and taste, then it is going to get into your mouth. This is why it is important to look at the quality and type of coal you are going to use. Not all coal being sold out there is good for hookah smoking.

“Quick lights” or those that have a silver coating come with a strong and harsh after-taste and will produce more ash than you would like. It also burns at a higher temperature, which means that the hookah smoking session is going to be shorter.

The best option is buying coconut coals because they are natural and have a lower health risk. They are also great because they last much longer compared to the other options in the market. You also don’t have to deal with unwanted charcoal-flavored hookah.

 Staying clean

It is important to keep your hookah clean, the same way you are advised to take regular showers. Most of us try out different flavors because there are endless combinations and choices. Flavors tend to linger, and this might have an effect on the quality of the next session.

Let’s say you have been smoking Double Apple and the next time you want to smoke Blueberry, you are going to taste some leftover Double Appel. Wash your base, clean your shisha bowl, and run water through your pipe to avoid this.


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