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How can you increase brand awareness of your business?

Having strong brand awareness is a key component of a successful business. In short, brand awareness means the amount of people in your target audience who are aware of who your brand is, and how they perceive it. An indicator of good brand awareness is having a customer consistently buy your product over other alternatives or using your name when searching for a product you sell. Therefore, increasing brand awareness is so important as it builds a relationship of integrity and trust between yourself and consumers. Here’s how you can do it!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

 SEO is a technique which involves optimising your website so that it ranks highly in relevant terms. It is utilised in mainly two ways – on-page and off-page, with these terms being self-explanatory. On-page refers to what you do on your own website to increase web traffic, and off-page refers to activity on other websites which link back to your page. There are several strategies and actions which fall into the general category of SEO, so its highly advised to acquaint yourself with them to help you be seen by a larger scope of potential customers.

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising

 PPC is similar to SEO and helps to increase brand awareness by the advertisers paying a fee for each time a business’ ad is clicked on. You’ll see PPC in action when you type something into a search engine and several ads will appear before the organically listed websites. If your ads appear frequently in search results, customers will become aware of your brand even if they don’t end up clicking on the link which can contribute to traffic growth on your website.


Hosting an event can be a fun and exciting project and is also a great way to build brand awareness. What’s not to love? You may host an event surrounding a specific product you want to advertise and give away freebies to attendees. The social side to this is a great advantage and can be used to network and establish a meaningful relationship with your guests. Accompanying your event with an event app to present information to attendees will leave a long-lasting impression is guaranteed to build brand awareness.


Social Media Advertising

 Advertising your business and its products on social media can be very impactful when attempting to reach target audiences and increase reach and visibility. Many small brands have exploded through advertising on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Keep in mind that to make an impression on social media, your advertising must be engaging, original and sometimes even informative!


 A unique and innovative way to increase brand awareness is to produce extra content surrounding your brand. As mentioned above, this may occur in the form of on-page SEO which would perhaps consist of blog posts that provide answers to queries. You may also look to create shareable infographics to post on social media, start a podcast, or even build up a presence on the ever-growing app, TikTok!

There are many strategies to help increase your brand awareness, but when doing so, ensure that any projects align with the general image of your brand you wish to promote. Otherwise, it could turn into a PR disaster!

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