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How Children’s Playtime Benefits Their Learning & Development

Play is a hugely underestimated tool in young children and their development. For thousands of years, play has been a childhood tradition, passed from generation to generation. Even during times of great challenge, children have always found ways to play.

Times however have changed greatly and while children still play, the nature in which they do so has become far too structured and sedate. We’re of course referring to the use of devices, which has undoubtedly taken children away from their outdoor play. Children today are becoming too used to missing out on spontaneous and free play, forgetting how to engage and run free. Perhaps however, if more people were aware of the benefits of playtime on a child’s learning and development, they’d feel different. In this article, we’re looking at the benefits of playtime, specifically when it comes to learning and development beginning with…

Improved Socialisation

When children play, they’re developing skills in all different areas and socialisation happens to be one of them. By sharing school playground equipment and even utilising a two person piece of equipment such as a see saw, children learn to interact and actively engage with others. Playtime also helps children learn to share the equipment they’re using, as well as their own space. Throw in development of speech and communication and it is evident how beneficial playtime can be.

Balance & Strength

From climbing frames to balance beams, playground equipment allows children to develop their balance and strength without them even realising it. Swinging on monkey bars to whooshing down slides; their balance and strength will increase over time as they learn to use their bodies through the elements of play.

Healthy Habits

Playtime is excellent for promoting healthy habits at a young age. By instilling activity and playtime at this age, you can help counteract other issues that many children face today such as childhood obesity.

Stress Relief

Believe it or not, young children can have a lot of pressure at a rather young age, especially when you consider school, homework, clubs and even family commitments. Playtime is vital in order to provide young ones with an outlet for that stress, allowing them to run wild, working through their anxieties and fears in a positive manner.


When children play, they develop a whole host of skills from their motor skills to their cognitive skills. By playing with others, they’re able to reinforce these skills in a way that simply cannot be achieved in a classroom or via a workbook.

Contact The Experts Today

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