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How Corporates Can Utilise Self Storage

Whether you’re running a start-up preparing for growth or a large multinational, every company requires space and assets to carry out its operations.

Your central office may not be the space you need to store all of your company’s belongings; they might take up too much space, or they may not be things you need daily.

If you do find you have more assets than you know what to do with, finding self storage in London may be the best option for you.

There are many different reasons why corporates choose the self-storage option but, if you’re still undecided, here’s why we think it could be the solution to some of your biggest problems.

The importance of self-storage solutions for corporates

Office space and commercial storage space can be extremely expensive, but often a necessary expense if your business has a lot of assets, or just needs that additional square footage to keep your operations moving.

Although your office may be big enough for you and your team at the moment, as your business grows, you’ll often find that you need more space to keep up with the growing demand.

If you want to increase your operations, without having to worry about keeping up the rent on a larger office or additional storage space, self-storage in London is normally the option that many corporates find themselves leaning towards.

Self-storage is convenient, cost-effective, and extremely flexible, so it can grow with your company.

What are the different types of self-storage?

When it comes to self storage in London, there are two main options that you can choose from. Ultimately, your decision will come down to the amount of storage you need and the specific requirements of your business.

Storage by-the-box

If you only have a small number of items that you need to store, like props for an event, or additional equipment that you don’t need access to all the time, storage by the box is a cost-effective option.

With this, you just pay for the number of boxes you need and won’t have to take on the expense of hiring out an entire storage unit.

Normally you can start paying as little as £0.75 a week, but it will depend on the number of items you are storing.

Storage units

If you want to have your own unit that’s solely dedicated to your belongings, you can choose to rent out an entire storage unit.

Storage units come in all shapes and sizes, especially great for those bulky items that won’t easily fit into a box – like furniture, shelving, larger electronics, etc.

If you’ve got large items that are taking up precious space in your office, you can choose a company that can pack and collect all your items so you won’t have to worry about any of the hassles yourself.


Before you start thinking about self-storage, you should also think about whether there are any items that you can get rid of.

Rather than having to pay to store items that you haven’t used in years, many self storage companies also offer removal services that can help with anything from moving house to having an office clear out.

Tips for optimising your use of self-storage

Now that we’ve explained why self-storage is such a popular choice for corporates, here’s how you can make the most out of the space you’ve rented so you can store as many belongings as possible.

1.   Choose the correct size unit

Before renting out a unit, take stock of all the items that you want to store. If you only have a few things that you’d like to store elsewhere, there’s not much point in renting out a large space.

Create a list of everything you plan to store and then from there you can work out how much space you’re going to need.

2.   Think about what you will need access to most frequently

If you’ve got items that you will be collecting frequently – like props for an event – you don’t want to pack this at the very back of your storage unit where you will need to move everything to find them.

Be mindful when you’re organising your storage unit and make sure to put the things you need most at the front and the things you don’t need so frequently at the back.

3.   Be systematic when packing

If you’ve got a lot of items to fit in a small space, it’s important to be as systematic with organisation as possible.

Start with the largest and heaviest items and find the optimal layout for them, then you can start thinking about the smaller items.

4.   Keep your items safe and secure

Just because your items are now in self-storage, it doesn’t mean that they are safe from damage.

Make sure to put the correct covers over all your items and pack them carefully so that nothing is being scratched, squished, or damaged when they’re not being used.


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