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How does the slot machine really work?

Slot machines are one of the most popular forms of casino games today, not only dominating casino floors, but also the digital stratosphere. Not only do both land-based slot machines and online Slots offer appealing payouts, but they are also quick and easy to play, with gripping graphics that bring the player a unique thrill when spinning the reels. The games come inmany varieties andforms, with popular franchises such as Rainbow Riches, Age of the Gods and Fishin’ Frenzy offering an exciting spin on the classic fruit machines.

As the beloved Slots have evolved throughout history, one very important question remains: how do slot machines really work?

Read on to find out.

The early slot machines

Some of the first slot machines didn’t offer cash payouts, but rather offered sweets, gum and even drinks from the bar in which they stood. Slot machines from 1887 to 1908 worked by pulling a lever, to set the reels in motion. This would stretch a spring that would eventually stop spinning by itself, giving players the feeling that theyhad control over the outcome. The lever was the reason the common phrase ‘one arm bandits’ was created, to describe the people who played on the machines.

Electronic slot machines

In 1964, slot machines became electronic, and whilst some still kept the lever to create a sense of familiarity amongst the popular machines, others preferred the use of a button, triggering the reels to spin electronically. It was these machines that allowed bigger payouts, with bottomless hoppers being installed to hold a certain amount of cash.

The first electronic slot, theMoney Honey, offered a jackpot of 500 coins, which was an incredible amount for a player to attempt to add to their payroll, in comparison to the previous prize of gum. Electronic machines would rely on a computer to spin the reels and display the game, and with bonus games thrown in the mix, gameplay was kept fair and random using a Random Number Generator (RNG).

What is a Random Number Generator?

Essentially, an RNG does exactly what it says in the name – it generates random numbers. The program is either built within the computer, or a hardware device, and is designed to generate numbers that do not show up in any pattern. In a slot machine, a RNG is the software that gets triggered every time a player presses ‘spin’, leading to the random combinations of symbols that appear on the reels. In fact, the RNG is working overtime behind the base game at all times, generating a new random set of numbers – or symbols – every single second. This means that the combinations appearing on the reels is decided the exact second that the reels are spun, so every single second generates a whole new opportunity to potentially boost your bankroll.

The Slots we play today

In the modern day, slot machines are not only dominating the floors in casinos, making up for 70% of their income and floor space, but the popular machines are accessible online, any time, anywhere, and on any device. Technology has really managed to compress the original heavy machines, so that reels can be spun in just one hand, on your mobile device, where you can play some of the most popular titles, as well as some newest, hottest themed games.

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