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How industrial radios are used in everyday lives

Technology has moved way beyond our expectations but one invention that has stuck around for generations has been radios. Radios were once named as the most useful invention, and there’s no lie in it.

Radios have adapted to modern technology by transforming their looks, capabilities, and usage. You might have noticed how they used to look so much bigger and heavier on the top of the closet in older times, but now it has changed into a portable, wireless device that comes in handy in our everyday lives apart from accompanying us for evening snacks.

Yes, that’s right, radios are more than Rj’s giving gossip from around the country. It has found its relevance even today and this article will show you how.

  1. Instant communication

Do you know the feeling when you want help, so you take up your phone, dial numbers only to hear nothing from the other side, except the voice lady? Yes, that happens with mobile phones.

Sure, they are a great tool for clicking pictures, listening to music but they were invented for communication, right? Radios still have better and more stable frequency than mobile networks. It helps in instant communication, literally.

It does not require dialling numbers or action to pick up the call and yet, allows you to hear everything on the other end.

Yes, it may not have the benefit of portability, but all the other advantages surely compensate for it.

  1. Music

If you thought listening to music on the radio is old-school, then here’s a fact for you: Over 83%of Americans over the age of 12 tunes into the radio at least once a week. An average listener spends around 13 hours tuning every week.

Most listeners actually look to morning shows or night jam sessions on the radio. And most importantly, sometimes it’s good to lose control and see how things turn out, even with music.

  1. Advertising

Advertising was first started on radios in 1992. 30 years later it is still relevant for advertising any product on the grassroots level.

The reason is, radio shows have a way to trigger people emotionally with the use of voice tweaks and sounds.

It plays the same ad you might see on tv, but sometimes only audio impacts you differently. People hum to the tune if they hear it frequently. Plus, there are several shows happening on the radio throughout the day. By customizing the time of advertising, it can target the specific audience for each product and influence them.

  1. Picnic and camping

Picnic and camping are all fun, but if you are going in a large group or to an unknown place, the chances of being lost are immense.

In that case, when phones are out of reach, industrial wireless radios can come to your rescue. It will help you to stay close to your group and safe at the same time.

So, the next time you go camping, don’t forget to take your little wireless friend.

  1. Group projects

Suppose you have started a group project on an outreach program or community service. A wireless radio will help you stay connected and coordinated for maximum success of the project. Not only that, one can immediately contact the other person if they face any trouble.

However, keep in mind that everyone should be within a specified radius for the radio they operate. Going beyond it will weaken the signal.

  1. Natural calamity

Humans have no control over natural calamities like tsunamis or earthquakes but we do have control over helping each other at the time of adversity.

During these times, mobile connections are severely disrupted. This is where wireless radios come into the picture. It helps in better coordination between relief teams to set up camps, arrange for food, first aid, rescue people and connect people who get lost in the hustle-bustle at the time of the calamity.

Over to you…

Sure, all these tips have convinced you enough to understand that industrial radios are not exclusively for professional usage. You can get one for yourself, as long as you apply for a license. It can be of great use in your everyday life and for special situations as well.





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