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How Influencers are Using Video Content to Get Their Message Across?

Back in 2019, a report was released on the demographics of Instagram influencers. More specifically, the analysis included over three ad posts on Instagram.

According to the report, around thirty percent of Instagram influencers who published ad posts on this social media platform were between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four.

Over the years, several other similar reports were published. One of these examined which age groups are most influenced by Instagram and other influencers. According to the findings, individuals between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four are most influenced by social media celebrities and influencers.

All things considered, social media platforms provide excellent marketing options for companies, and influencers with great social media following do an excellent job with promoting their products and services.

The importance of video content for influencers who promote products on their social media pages cannot be denied. While everyone active on an online video platform can promote products and services, influencers are able to reach wider audiences.

The Rise of Social Media Marketing

To understand how social media influencers rely on video content, we have to look at the influencer and social media marketing. Numerous different brands and companies work with influencers and many of these work in retail industries such as Daniel Wellington and Old Navy.

Companies and businesses active in other industries including hospitality, airlines, and automotive industries also rely on social media and influencer marketing.

These days, companies and businesses are seeking out influencers who can assist them with presenting their products and services to wider audiences. Brands are also seeking influencers who can help them communicate their message in a purposeful way.

Social media and influencer marketing is doubtlessly taking the lead, especially among smaller brands and companies. This is where high-quality video content makes a huge impact.

Video Content and the Influencer Marketing

According to this report published by Mediakix, there are over 37 million influencers active on different social media platforms including TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Video marketing has been popularized by influencers and whether we like it or not, the influencer market is here to stay. Video content published by influencers comes in many different forms, but its purpose remains the same, conveying messages to wider audiences.

Even though video marketing and influencer marketing are often seen as two separate spheres when combines they are most effective even though they do exist and work separately.

Video content that influencers publish on their social media pages usually draws a bigger audience than pictures or other promotional content.

So, how do influencers use video content to promote services and products? First of all, influencers make engaging video content not only to promote brands’ services and products but also to strengthen and promote their own brand.

Building a large social media following does not come without challenges and the same is true for maintaining any large following. High-quality, engaging video content most certainly makes it easier.

When compared to images and plain text, video content has many proven benefits. Video content is not only one of the most valuable tools for conveying important messages but also for reaching wider audiences.

When compared to plain text and images, video content is also more shareable and even favored by most social media algorithms. More importantly, engaging, entertaining video content feels more unique, more authentic to the audience.

Essentially, influencers who create and publish video content benefit from more meaningful relationships with their followers. Even though images and plain text can also convey important messages and help with building meaningful and maintaining digital relationships, nothing feels more personal and authentic than a video.


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