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How online and mobile games like slots are made

Mobile gaming has brought popularity to the industry in ways never imagined. Nowadays, it is the entrance to this world of entertainment for many young children and adults. The key to its success is related to, almost, everyone having a phone or tablet, so it’s a smart move to put out your game on a device that most of the population already owns.

The advantage of mobile gaming is that you don’t need any extra hardware or accessory. You may purchase a controller if you want, but these are usually optional. Also, having the phone with you at all times is an important aspect of mobile gaming. If you are bored, you can just pull out your phone and play your favorite games. Let’s take online slots as an example, thanks to the development of these online and mobile games you could play it whenever you want to and wherever you are.

So, how are these mobile games made?

 In this article we will scratch the surface of mobile gaming and give you some insides of how these great games are made.

It all starts with an idea, of course. The idea of a game is what’s worth a million. Everything else is just tools and execution.

While the implementation and mechanics can ruin a great idea of a game, most of the time a good implementation can’t save a bad game idea.

With that in mind, there are several tools depending on the type of game you are aiming to develop.

HTML code program

Web based games and online slots

HTLM5 is pure magic. It allows you to run games without the need to install a thing. You can even run emulators and make them run flawlessly.

Mobile gaming has pushed online slots as well.

There are mobile slots games of all types where you can play online straight from your phone, or on your computer if you prefer.

Online Slots are done in a way that it feels fair and focusing on resembling their physical counterparts. Their algorithm is achieved through either proprietary or 3rd party software that resemble real machine chances. But they are all pretty much similar using the RNG technology, which makes all results random and cannot predict the outcome in any way.

Visuals and sound in online slots

 This is a very important aspect of every game, but in the case of online slots it’s key. Fortunately, with the technologies we have today, it’s not difficult to get stunning visuals that may pass as videogames. This is a step up from boring physical slots you may be used to.

Themes are a huge plus when it comes to online slots. While themes are also available on land slot machines, in this case they can easily be updated and added without the need of a distribution or an update to the machine.

You may find the well-known Leprechaun themed games, but on the side online slot companies are always after the hunt of exciting franchises such as Mad Max, Nightmare on Elm Street and Clash of the Titans which adds an extra layer of excitement.

Audio is very important also when creating online slots. They need to be coherent and consistent. The sound is what identifies the most in slots and it needs to trigger interest in players, and on top of that, they should not sound tiring nor annoying. While players of online slots can always turn down the volume, it’s definitely better if the game is capable of creating a complete experience.

The options are limitless when it comes to web-based games and being bored nowadays is merely impossible.

 Native video games

Another option, and the ones you find the most, are games specifically programmed for devices in mind.

Some games get enough recognition to make it to the big consoles, but that’s a story for another time.

These native games are usually online oriented and are linked to social network accounts.

There are many game creation tools for these.

Construct 2, is a very simple platform to create games. It requires no coding skills and it’s aimed for 2D games. It can export to most mobile platforms.

Another program is Fusion which is more focused on event-oriented games. It’s free and no coding skills are needed for this either.

Now if you want to go deeper into the rabbit hole you can choose GameMaker: Studio. Impressive games were developed with this platform, such as Hotline Miami which gained recognition among the indie gaming community.

The Mobile Games Library is getting bigger and better as phones keep getting more and more powerful.

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 The netcode is the synchronization between servers and players. The netcode can make a game succeed or fail. The netcode is what handles the hate by all gamers. For instance, casinos or bingo operators have a great netcode to succeed and synchronize servers and players.

Even though we are being spoiled with internet speed these days, in something so unpredictable and fast changing as games it is nearly impossible to avoid it. So, companies implement techniques to mitigate its perception.

There are several methods such as delay-based netcode and rollback netcode. There are turn- based games or card games where lag is not important though, and those are perfect for slow internet connections.


 Development methods keep evolving. What started back in the 70’s with just a few nerds writing a game has now changed to full teams and millions of dollars in profits.

We’ve come a long way from the snake port in our old phones. Mobile devices have become a pinnacle of technology in our daily lives. Usually, more money is put into phones in a household than in any other electronic device, and they are renewed every year.

Developers are keeping up with the trend by creating new experiences or recreating old ones with a new twist.

This is just getting interesting, when 5G is fully deployed worldwide, developers will take online mobile gaming to new highs, expanding what already seems to be a fast-moving industry, including online slots which are a growing business overall.

While there will always be gaming consoles for the hardcore gamers, mobile gaming has found its place in the industry.


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