How to become an excellent student at university:10 useful tips

Each person has his or her reasons for becoming an honors student. Students on the state budget need excellent grades for an increased scholarship, while contract students need excellent grades to move to a state-funded position. In addition, it is an important advantage for any student to participate in exchange programs or the allocation of internships. In today’s article, we’ll share tips on how to get an excellent grade in college.

How to become an excellent student at university 

Our recommendations will help you increase the number of A’s in your grade book.

Attend classes

The most obvious, but no less effective, advice on how to study with honors at university.

  • if you do not skip classes, you will: hear everything the teacher has to say;
  • you will be remembered by the teacher;
  • you won’t miss any tests;
  • some teachers will give you extra credit for attendance.

Take notes

It is necessary not only to be present in class but also to record the information that the teacher delivers. Don’t be distracted by notifications or correspondence on your phone: you can do that during a break. But you’ll have to rewrite the information you missed if you want to have a complete outline to help you prepare for the exam.

Prepare for your classes 

Don’t be lazy to do your homework and prepare for practicals and seminars. The time you spend will be worth it with a good grade: most students are lazy to do their homework, and they will make you look like a responsible and diligent student.In extreme cases, you’d better think about who can write my essay for me.

Keep deadlines

Do not fail to meet the deadlines set by the teacher without a good reason. Start doing the assignment as early as possible, preferably on the day you receive it. That way you won’t forget the information you heard and won’t put it off until the last minute.

Study additional sources

The teacher will appreciate it if you study at least a few items from the list of additional literature and say that at the exam. If you do not have time to read the whole book, make excerpts from at least a few chapters.

Communicate with upperclassmen

They are a valuable source of information about teachers. Senior university students can tell you about the characteristics of teachers, tell you which ones are the most demanding and which ones are the easiest to get a high grade from. And some of them you can ask for old notes if you are not sure about your notes.

 Attend conferences 

One of the most effective ways to become an honors student at the university is to participate in profile events and prepare scientific publications. You’ll show teachers your interest in scholarly work and specific disciplines, and you’ll gain valuable experience in public speaking and scholarly discussions.

Prepare for exams well in advance 

Don’t put everything off until the last few evenings. Repeat what you’ve learned periodically, and once you have a list of questions, break them up into several blocks and prepare systematically.

Work on your reputation

How to be an excellent student at the university? Create the right image for yourself. Remember the first year a student works for his/her grade book, after that it works for him/her. If you have a lot of A’s on your report card, it will be much easier to get another one.

Don’t turn down help

There are busy semesters when it is impossible to prepare equally well in all subjects. If you feel like you’re failing, ask classmates for help:

  • they can help you rewrite your notes if you’ve missed a topic.
  • divide up the questions for the seminar so that everyone prepares only his or her own.
  • you can do the same with textbooks – everyone will be responsible for his book or a particular section, and then briefly retell it to the others.
  • prepare for exams and tests together, checking each other out.





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